Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Learning New Things

I never stop learning new things.

This week, for example, I learned:

Coupons are good.
--- And so are the designated blogs that chase down sales and their matching coupon links. :)

I cannot have a child sleep in my bed, cough repeatedly in your face, and manage to not absorb their germs. Thankyouverymuch Oceana.

Beads fit perfectly in small noses. Apparently you can "CPR" them out.

Last week I was forced to take Oceana upstairs to have a timeout, during a beading project (her beading). I left Naomi downstairs for all of 2 minutes. When I came back down, Na had climbed up in Oceana's seat to look at the beads. Then she turns to me and says "Ow!" and points toward her nose. A quick look displays a wooden, blue bead up her right nostril. A Facebook question and a few google searches left me with only two options - The doctor's office or the CPR trick.

Since Matt was at work, with the car and the carseats over 30 minutes away, I thought that I may as well try the CPR trick first. I am CPR trained, so I know that small lungs are delicate. For that reason, I blew GENTLY. I plugged the unaffected side, blew in her mouth twice and then reached up to see if it had done anything. I slide my finger down the side of her nose, and the bead plopped out. I think the blowing moved it just enough that pushing it became possible. (Pushing it before had only made Naomi cry and pull away).

So there, you go.... I'm still learning new things.


  1. Wow! I must remember that trick for when that happens to my little one. And I'm sure it will!

    Do you like any couponing blog in particular better than others?

  2. We had to go the ER to get a tooth removed from VERY far up a nose last year. He pulled it in farther by taking a big breath in preparation to try to blow it out ... The pediatrician laughed and said, "That's one I've never heard before ... the opportunity is so small that you actually have a tooth in your hand to put up your nose." :) Thought you'd like that one.

  3. I had no idea you can "CPR" those things out! Good info to know, thank you! :)