Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Television Revamp

Matt and I got a chance to go to a Family Life marriage conference a few weeks ago. It was a great weekend. I was really challenged during the women-only session --- a large portion of it was about mothering. I knew our television-reliance was getting bad, and I decided it was time to change!

Because our plan is to homeschool Oceana - beginning this fall when she'll be in Kindergarten (Waahhhhhh! Wasn't I just peeing on a stick yesterday?!?!) - I decided TV before noon is a bad idea.

My plan of attack has always been "Let them watch TV in the morning when I'm not a nice person". But the problem is, the TV use went into a tail-spin and before we knew it, the TV was just staying on. o_O Ak!

So we're cutting down.

No TV before noon.

TV is primarily for during Naomi's naptime. This kills two bird with one stone. It's after lunchtime, and Naomi doesn't watch as much.

The secondary time is when I'm trying to get dinner ready and on the table.

I'm making a big effort to change the way we run our days around here.

And last of all --- TV is a privilege, not a right.

We're working on it!

Just thought I'd just hold myself accountable. :) And maybe inspire some of you to cut some of the TV-time at your house?


  1. Up until two years ago, I would use TV -DVDs or videos- during the time that I was trying to make our evening meal. Eventually, it really bothered me that our three boys (twins aged 6 and 3 yr old) were TOTALLY ADDICTED to watching something at that time. Gradually, we phased it out and now they only watch movies or sports either at weekends or just randomly. They appreciate it more now, and are also a lot less whiny and argumentative about what to choose to watch. They find other things to do - make stuff, play outside, read, etc instead. TV seemed like a life-saver at the time but now I realise I was just shooting myself in the foot - so much arguing and silly behaviour that seems to have almost disappeared now.

  2. Great idea.... we had something like this while I was growing up but it was a reward system.. my mother made up a chart.. and if I did something like 5 out of the 6 responsiblities that were mine.. along with no more then 1 BAD strike I could earn a show the next day.. if not I couldnt turn it on at all

  3. Good job! We got rid of cable a few months ago, and don't miss it. We do have Netflix streaming through the Wii, and have to keep an eye on that still, but at least there aren't commercials on there.

  4. does this work on teens as well or do you think it's too late for a 16 and 14 year old...UGH! I agree with Erin in her comment if I can just cut down the T.V. time I believe the behavior and fighting just might stop!

  5. We did this a little while ago...not that his (or our) tv watching was out of control...but we noticed a difference in his desire to do other things...he was getting into the pattern of just wanting to watch TV all the time. It has SO helped:) Thanks for the post!

  6. love it! good job susie. hope others are inspired!

  7. Love it! My older kids (8 and 9) aren't allowed to watch it or play any games until the homeschooling is completed for the day. It is pretty liberating to only have it used for a reward for a good days accomplishments. My younger one...(5) does watch it while they homescool some days, but thankfully he enjoys playing too and doesn't watch it too much. I know when they were younger, sometimes I would want to watch tv too, but I felt like the Lord asked me not to watch it until they were in bed each night. That helped me curb my watching too.
    We actually now just use Netflix for the kids and then Netflix,,, etc for us. I love that my kids also don't get any commercials on Netflix and we no longer have a cable bill. Win, Win :)!