Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pampered Chef

I'm sure you've heard of Pampered Chef? Pretty awesome, super quality stuff, right? I caught up with my friend Christy, who's a PC consultant. And we worked out a plan to run an online-only Pampered Chef party.

Pastry cutter with a big handle? Yes please! I hate pastry cutting with knives. It stinks.
I have little girls who like tea parties! I would L.O.V.E. this high tea platter. How cute is it!? And covered in purple teacup cupcakes for their birthday? Perfect!
I've got the adjustable teaspoons and tablespoons. I like not having (what seems) 300 different sized teaspoons to sort through every time I bake!
Birthdays on the horizon! No decorating tips in my possession.... *drool*

Did I mention birthday season? Yah, I think I did. Ok, just want to be sure you heard me!

I think this thing is awesome! Have you ever seen a can opener like it? It opens cans without leaving a sharp edge! I'm sure I'm not the only one; I get so worried about tin cans that have been opened! I try to get my recycling out quickly, but sometimes the tin cans sit out for a day before they get outside. The sharp edges! Eesh! But this thing (??) pressed the tin can together and I guess the force makes it open where it was originally pushed together? No sharp edges. I used one when I was a nanny. Loved it!
I saw this one and thought. MUST. HAVE. NOW. It's a clip. With the scoops attached! No way! Am I the only one that hates this little wire "closers" on coffee bags? I think they pop off the bag more often than they stay on, then I'm trying to hold the wire, fold the bag, twist the edges in. Grrr! Much easier. And a designated coffee spoon is my style. I definitely will use the tablespoon side though. ;)

Again, a love item! I used one of these in my former babysitting days - I think it was over a decade ago. So easy! And no sharp knives! :)
Um, if I own this, I think I'll have to make cheesecake once a week. That can't be a good thing. That won't stop me though!

This falls into my need category! My knives have no proper home right now. Drawers and a basket of utensils on the shelf. It's a sad life for them. They deserve a nice home. :)

I have to admit, I've never had the chance to get to a Pampered Chef cooking party, but from the sounds of it, it must be awesome (and YUMMY!) :)

But here's your chance to snag Pampered Chef gear from your home. No babysitter needed!

So head over HERE and just pop my name in as host! It all gets shipped straight to you!

Hope you find something you like!


  1. I sell Pampered Chef, but have bought it for eons - back when the "catalog" was very tiny! Love, love, love all the items you have above. But two you didn't mention - the Food Chopper! Wonderful product for chopping veggies, meats, chocolate, or nuts! Very versatile! I love my Food Chopper!!! A big plus - when my kids were young and heard me using it, they would run to the kitchen to help!

    The other thing is the new manual Food Processor! It is SO cool!!! Little kids would love working this thing too!!!

    And the stoneware! You need all the stoneware! ;^)

    Hope you have a great party, Susie!

  2. I don't comment much but wow I love this stuff! Especially the decorating tubes. It doesn't look like they ship to NZ though :( Hopefully I can find something like these over here!

  3. My shopping cart is $100+...let's see what husband widdles it down to :-)

  4. I put in an order too! I can't wait to get my new bamboo utensils!! Hope you have a great party!

  5. What do you do w/ a pastry knife? I can't figure that one out!

  6. I thought I put in an order, but I haven't noticed that my credit card has been charged and there isn't a way for me to log in to check. If my order didn't get in I am so sorry, I really thought I had done it right and hoped to be helpful. Could you let me know if you could see my order in your list of participants?