Monday, February 7, 2011



((Photo taken from my grandmother's front step, looking from southeast Vermont, over the Connecticut River - the dark line in the trees - and into southwest New Hampshire.))

And while I appreciate this photo, I don't appreciate that it means I was up for sunrise. Blame that on my kids, will you?

The farm is pretty awesome. It's been in our family (3rd and 4th generation owned/operated) for over 100 years. Pretty cool, right? This farm is pretty much my favorite place to be. It's idyllic: white houses (x5), red barns (x3), big red tractors, white fences, and hundreds of Holstein heifers.

It's beautiful, so long as you are used to the smell of a farm. Manure is actually an "I'm home" smell for me, but of course that's in the winter when it's minimal. Not during spring when the slurry gets spread, or in the height of July when it smells like you're swimming in it...

So, just in case you can't handle the ((aroma)) of farm, just enjoy this sunrise. :)


  1. Beautiful Picture... Enjoy your Morning!!

  2. The picture is gorgeous. Makes me long to be on a farm again.

  3. The picture doesn't show up and I'm salivating to see this sunrise!

    I am so sorry to read about your prior miscarriage, too. Yes, losing 3 out of 5 babies is awful, so don't feel you have to put on your happy face all the time and pretend you're not hurting! My heart goes out to you.

  4. I can smell it... that smell means "home" to me, too. This picture is incredible; I can feel the cold just looking at it!

  5. That's a gorgeous picture! The farm smell is home for me, too. :)