Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 generations

I thought you'd like to see the four generations! This is my Gramma, the girls' Grammy (Great-Gramma is such a mouthful!), my mom (Nana), and the three of us on our visit to Vermont.

Grammy is 84, lives on her own (across the street from my uncle and his family), and just in the last few weeks has stopped going to the barn to do chores every morning/afternoon. She's a tiny 5' tall, has terrible arthritis that has made knitting and sewing impossible for her (she can only crochet with a large hook now), and has a stubborn streak that no one wants to mess with.

She doesn't like anyone to help her, because she feels guilty that anyone would do "her" work. This includes washing up the breakfast dishes for my family. "Oh! Oh! Let's not leave her to do all those dishes!" ((Cereal bowls and coffee cups --- oh my, whatever shall I do!))

Lillie-Mae, Grammy, is a wonderful lady and I love and respect her so much! She's amazing!


  1. So sweet! That picture is a real keepsake. Jared just told me that when you were little, you would tell everyone that you had "grandma with the gum and grandma with cows." Perfect!

  2. Beautiful Picture!!! How wonderful!!