Friday, February 4, 2011


((Photo taken on our vacation, Daddy was having a couch-nap))

You'd think I didn't spend all day, every day reminding the little people in my house how to speak to each other, to Matt, and to me.

"Say 'Yes Mommy!' ". "Yes Mommy!"

"What do you say?" "Kankkyoo!"

And round and round we go.

This is a discussion heard tonight in my kitchen.

Oceana: ((Slams cup down on counter)) "Juice!"

Momma: "You talk to me like that again and you'll be in time out!"

Oceana: "Juice please!"

Momma: ((Blank stare))

Oceana: "Mommy, can I please have some juice?"

Momma: "Yep."

3 years of expecting a polite request and response for everything. And I get that? And it's not like I spelled it out for her, she knew *exactly* how to speak to me. Just chose not to.

Guess what? It's bedtime. Ok, well it's not. But it's time to head upstairs for jammies, toothbrushes, and books. Coz Momma's ready for bedtime to be here. And no, this is not posting at a different time than it was written. It really is 6:26pm. ;)


  1. I love being home with my little ones, but I am always ready for bedtime to come!