Monday, February 21, 2011

Bouncing Blossom Designs

I made a few changes over at my Etsy store. The number one change is the removal of tutus from the store. My tutus weren't quite right. And to say that the tutu market is oversaturated in Etsy would be an understatement. Add to that, I've had tutu listings on Etsy for over a year and never sold a single one (on Etsy, I have sold them privately), it wasn't worth it.

The second change was the header on the store. The new one is above. The old one only had tutus on it. I've changed from Bouncing Blossom Tutus to Bouncing Blossom Designs. I had done that with my business card last fall, since I was making non-tutu items. So the header "matches" ---- sort of.

Forgive the finger in the way. :) You don't need to know my address. :) Buy something from the Etsy shop and the business card comes with it. Easiest stalker job ever....

Over Halloween and Christmas I had a few custom orders from Etsy --- ok, more than a few. I thought I was going to die; I was so overwhelmed. I took off a few weeks during the holidays, between the miscarriage, and already having Christmas presents to make, and a private project I was working on. There was no extra time to revamp the shop.

So now I'm revamping. It's a slow move. As I make things, they'll get listed. And I'll be sure to point your attention that way if there's something really cool ;). Here's a few new items.

I love the hat Ezra is wearing. Hasn't he grown?!?! Love that little guy! He was kind enough to model this green jester hat (it's officially a pigtail hat, but on a boy it becomes a jester hat **wink wink**).

And you already got a look at Naomi in this *pigtail* hat. :) She's pretty cooperative these days modelling hats. Oh wait, sorry, I meant, UNcooperative. :) "Naomi! Naomi! Naomi! Look at Momma! Look at Momma! No! No Na, don't take it off! Just look at Momma. Real quick! Almost done! Ok! Ok! Look Look! Smile!" I guarantee you that "photo shoots" with Naomi last less than a minute. What I get is what I get. There are no 2nd chances. ;)

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  1. I love the hats!! My mom's been sewing up baby clothes out the wazoo and I've been working on her to let me set them up in an etsy store for her. How she thinks my niece will have a chance to wear them all I have no idea! I may be hitting you up for etsy set up tips if you don't mind sometime!