Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The list is getting smaller!

Because certain family members read this blog there's a few items that will simply be referred to as items. ;)

... 5 tutus finished for Dancing Divas Christmas Recital. It took me a long time (read: a year!) to figure out something about tutus. These tutus, with the help of my sister Melody (DD's teacher) and a lot of cutting, static electricity, and trips to the fabric store, look great. ;) See!?!?!

Ok, so it just looks like a Christmas-y floof ball. But isn't that what a tutu is? That's five tutus sort of hung on each other, hung on the blinds --- but they are out of small peoples' reach for now. Our coat closet used to be my Etsy closet. But then we got to 17' windchills and suddenly there were jackets stealing my Etsy space. (Dear NZ - 17'F windchill = -8'C, not exactly balmy).

Miss Haliah Hallellie (her big brother Elijah had an encephalocele like Joshua), who I've blogged about before, was in need of some cuteness for her little head this winter. :) Her momma, Marie, loves those bows that are half the size of the baby's head and needs a winter addition to add them to. ;) So here's what's headed out her way!

Yes, that is the Joann's flier you see sitting on the table! ;) No, I have no shut down the little Joann's voices in my head telling me to use those amazing coupons. Did you see the scratch off coupon? Well, see I got 15% off my whole purchase. *whine* I'm gonna have to use it on something...

Today Oceana and I cut out a Super Levi cape for our little friend Levi. :) Every little boy needs a super hero cape, right?

At our church Christmas luncheon on Sunday I pulled out my knitting (the square tassle hat) and was asked by a friend, "Do you take that everywhere?" --- "Right now?! Yes!" :) And then I sachay'ed over to the next table to ask a friend if she has a 4.5mm long circular needle I could borrow, and got offered a knitting job for after Christmas by someone else. I about lost it, because I thought she meant knit 4 stockings before Christmas. :) She meant, before *next* Christmas. Oh good, I can start breathing again.

And while this is not exactly a craft project, it was still an important thing on my list. Let's say, a certain *item* had been created online, but not ordered, because I wasn't happy about the price. Today, while listening to Pandora (where I'm always listening to either my Jack Johnson mix, Corrine Bailey Ray mix, my Christmas mix, or Oceana's Disney Christmas mix), I heard an advertisement for Vistaprint and went there instead! Much better price and very simple. Ordered! Yay! 2 people's presents done! :) I don't know if it's a one-use code, but it was at Vistaprint.com/pandora2010 that I got the free offer.

So that was my weekend. And Monday. And Tuesday. Tonight, knitting the back of this. The sleeves are already done. Yay! :)

Matt's working tonight - YAY! Work! - and that means I have the TV to myself so I can knit away! It's kind of hard to knit to Monday Night Football, just sayin'.


  1. Its kinda hard to do anything to monday night football, I think it even affects my cooking... he has it on t.v., then streaming on the internet, then keeps up with stats on his phone... GREAT

  2. Love vistaprint too! I get my business cards from there cuz they only charge me for shipping:)