Sunday, December 5, 2010

Juggling projects

I'm overzealous when it comes to crafts and sewing. Overzealous in that, I seem to think I have more time on my hands than I do. In a former time (not that long ago) I could ignore my house for crafting. But my desire for, at the very least, a reasonable house is stealing my crafting time. ;)

Don't be fooled, as I type this, there are a few dishes in the sink, two laundry baskets and a duffel bag full of clean laundry that has yet to be put away (its been several days, if not a week), and the floor definitely did not get swept last night. But between a few business projects, and a *ton* of fabric I bought on Black Friday @ Joann Fabrics, I'm definitely into "uh oh" territory!

The biggest time issue at this point are the Christmas dresses I intend to make for the girls. They aren't even cut out, and come hell or high water, they will be wearing them on Christmas Day (they already have dresses from their auntie for Christmas Eve). That might mean I'll be up all night before.... but they *will* wear those dresses. ;) Matching dresses lined in flannel with flannel lined boutique ruffle pants --- its not exactly a "whip it up" project. *Here's a dirty house!*

In other news - the desire to decorate is Code Crazy. Everywhere I go there are decorations, every craft blog I read is making *another* adorable handmade wreath, and the desire to stop cooking food and concentrate on pumpkin rolls and cut out cookies is waaaaay strong. :) Tell me I'm not alone! It's nice to be experiencing Christmas the way I remember it as a kid. Since I was 14 I've only had 2 cold-weather Christmases. I am enjoying this even more than my girls. And I think that's half the reason I want Christmas to be awesome this year, is that they've only ever experienced the sandy, beachy, sunburnt version.

We have been talking about what Christmas is for - because after I said "Oh my girls don't know who Santa is" --- I have been proven wrong. Oceana knows just who he is, and his name is Santa Paws (and she will not be deterred). She hasn't made the presents/Santa/being good connection (which we won't be doing). All that to say, her talking about Santa made me realize we need to talk more about why Christmas is celebrated. So we've been talking about Jesus' birthday lately. More on that in a later post.

But back to crafting. Hmm... Just for this month, are you all with me, we need about an extra 5 hours each day. Mine must be when I am a/ Awake and feeling energetic, b/ When both my children are asleep, and c/ After my maid comes to clean.

Why are you laughing at me? Oh, right, because I'm delusional! :) Well, here's to neglected housework.

Oh, and for the record --- why would Joann Fabrics send me more 40% and 50% off coupons when they know I don't have time to do everything I want to do??!?! Conspiracy! :)


  1. I knew you would love the Joann after Thanksgiving sale.. I didn't make it there this year.. Its okay.. I honestly do not have the time for any extra projects..
    Enjoy your sewing!!! and I love those Joann coupons

  2. just for you guys... I hope its a white Christmas how special would that be!

  3. JoAnns is evil that way...
    The JoAnn closest to me was way too busy on Black Friday for me to wait 3-4 hours to get fabric cut so I was really happy to see those coupons in the mail!
    Congrats on Quattro!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I AM SO WITH YOU! On the over-planning my crafts, on the "come hell or high water I will get this done before Christmas" projects, on the "what am I going to do with all this crap I bought at Joann's on Black Friday," on the desire to do every adorable craft I see on every adorable blog, on wanting 5 more hours everyday and ESPECIALLY on the "WHY DID JOANN'S SEND ME MORE COUPONS, THOSE TEMPTRESSES?!?" :) So no, you're not alone.

  5. I am with you, sister! I'm trying to finish crocheting my son's Christmas present/doll (that was, technically, from last Christmas), finish up their fleece blankets for St. Nicholas day (our church is cold... so it's more practical than gift, but oh well!), and we have a baby due in March! So I'm crocheting and sewing and going a little nutty =)

    But the Joann coupons are really a nice thing, if you think about it. They're just making sure we can get affordable sewing machine needles when ours break at 11:30 on Christmas Eve or buy that extra 1/4 yard of fabric because, gosh darn it, we can't be expected to be super creative AND get math right all the time!

  6. I am with you too, along with the other commenters and the other ladies in cyberland who haven't written. I'm getting sick and nearly in tears tonight that I can't do more fun things, and I'm not by any means cramming my schedule full because it's Christmas; I'm just trying to get through normal life. It's a good reminder that I need to go to God in prayer about what I'm doing and what's most important. (No, I'm not scolding you or anyone else. I'm just working it out in your comments section!)

    Thankfully I can manage to ignore the Joann coupons and the Michael's coupons most of the time when I don't need something. Still, it does seem like a conspiracy.

    Praying for you!

  7. I know what you mean. I am making a sad attempt to knit my brother a pair of socks for Christmas (we are having our family Christmas the 18th). I have a feeling he'll be lucky to get ONE sock by then, let alone two!

  8. And to follow up on my comment, I did eventually fall apart the other day. My sweet hubby came to the rescue, encouraged me, and did some of our Christmas shopping. (So what if it was online shopping. He got it taken care of! No, I don't have anything against online shopping, but it still feels a bit like cheating.)

    So, more hugs and prayers going your way today, 'cuz I'm feeling some stress too.