Sunday, December 12, 2010

101 The Rose Play Day

About two weeks ago Christina heard this advertised on the radio. We decided this would be a perfect family outing, since we had already planned to get together yesterday. The tickets were CHEAP. By 10am I turned to Christina and said, "We've already eaten more than $6 worth of cookies and milk!" (And yes, they passed out free cookies and milk!).

I only saw one thing (besides the one concession stand that was open) that you had to pay for. There was a small petting zoo and you had to pay for the grain if you wanted to feed the animals.Our kids were too busy (disobeying) and trying to feed the animals leaves. It wasn't so much that the leaves weren't good for them to eat, as we weren't sure what they were allowed. Oceana was positive these goats needed to eat leaves. Oh well.

There were llamas, goats, alpacas (are alpacas and llamas the same thing, I'm sure they're different?), sheep, chicken, and a Shetland pony. Then there was a tumble station (put together by a local kids' gym), build your own snowflake (four chenille wires twisted together, threaded with beads, and bent back against themselves), a Home Depot creation station (Oceana made a spice rack for an unnamed person - wait 'til Christmas!), a bounce house, a stamp and card station, story time with Mrs Elf, Christmas songs room, coloring room, Zoo America (Hershey Park's Zoo, they had a de-scented skunk, a baby alligator, and a barn owl there!), a toy train race (the kids could runt he controls), free balloon animals, and a science experiment station.

Seriously. All that for $6 for our whole family. For all that!

It was a fabulous day!

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