Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So very proud

I'm so proud of this girl! She's had a rough time lately with the whole idea of getting rid of our things to move to the US. But today she's managed (without tears or bad attitudes) to give away 4 pairs of shoes, a doll cradle, and a box of stuff animals!

We are saving special things, favorite books, favorite dolls and their clothes. But it's impossible to take everything. And it's especially impossible to take an entire doll cradle. :)

I was really happy to find a $15 play kitchen on Craigslist several weeks ago, but I wasn't sure I should ask my sister-in-law to pick it up for me. It was posted again, and still I hesitated. Finally, I saw it a 3rd time. I could not resist! My sister-in-law Heather picked it up the next morning! Oceana knows it's there at Gramma's house, waiting for her and Naomi to play with it. The only other grandchild on Matt's side is a 2 1/2 year old boy, so there's not much happening at their house for girls. :) This will hopefully make the transition easier, until we can build a collection of new-to-them toys.

But I just had to brag about Oceana, because she did so well today! I love you Sweet Pea!


  1. I know how much of a victory that is for Oceana. I'm proud of her too!

    When we had to move back to New Mexico from New York, we could only take what would fit in the bed of our truck. Eve had to leave most everything we had accumulated behind. Her poor little heart... so I get how this is a great victory! Give her a high five from Miss Andrea!

  2. Oh that is tough. What a good girl you are Oce.
    We had the same trouble - one little box for each child, to bring some treasures. Lots of our stuff went into storage but even clothes that were getting too small were sometimes a struggle to let go of. I found the kids were more willing to give their things up if they could give it to someone they knew - a cousin or special friend. Good news though, it seems to get easier with practise!

  3. My, she is growing up! She has changed a lot in the years I've been following your blog. She is looking like a big girl, and now responding in a mature way, too. You and Matt are doing a wonderful job raising your joyful girls.

  4. Not sure if you have ever heard of but thought I'd mention it. Check it out. Might be able to accumulate many FREE "new" items for the girls for when you return to the US.

  5. Aw, that must be so hard!!! So proud of your little sweetie! :)