Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm alright...

Naomi - my sweet, darling Naomi - has sprouted chicken pox. Oh joy! She doesn't have a whopping case; there are only about 20 spots. But we're still under Quarantine. Boo!

I'm alright though. Aside from the fear that Oceana will come down with them in two weeks (though I have my suspicions that she may be the carrier monkey in this situation because I ignored some "bug bites" 2 weeks ago), it simply means we're staying home this week.

And goodness knows, I have plenty to keep me busy at home!

On with the sorting, the purging, and the ditching!


  1. Nice to get that one overwith and avoid the vaccine, though! I hope Naomi is on the mend, soon!

  2. oh no - hope she isn't too itchy. Silver lining though - one less vaccine right? Hope the packing and sorting and planning are all going smoothly for you, apart from the spots :)