Monday, June 28, 2010

Haliah Hallelie Douglas

~~~~ UPDATED ~~~~

its been a long tiresome day. Steve brought Si and K and my brother came to bring me BIRTHDAY LUNCH. We have met with a team of drs and tomorrow @ 530pm they will be sedating her to do a study of the brain. The measurement of head are long and they are checking to see if she could have a mild form of ENCEPHALOCELE !!!! Yeah... Im a bit of a basketcase!!! OKAY ALOT

Marie told me they will do more tests today, but that they still don't know what's wrong.

Last night: wow what an excruciatingly LONG day.1st heart ultrasound then EEG(my baby screamed til she exhausted herself) she had an episode AFTER leads were off :-| then NPO for 4hrs then testing for 2hrs(results back normal) waiting on heart and EEG results. Im drained and wish i knew somthing. Steves going home 2 our babies :-D!!

5am PST Monday: its 5am and we are here @ childrens again. Last night during church service Haliah had an episode where she was stopped breathing. We had to call 911 and we came by ambulance.

2:25am: It is 2:25am we are back here at Valley Childrens Hospital. This episode started at around 730pm. Im sitting in this rocking chair holding you my sweet girl just broken to pieces for all you have had to endure. I wish i had the answers! Evenmore I wish you werent having these wierd scarey things happen. You took your very 1st ambulance ride today! I think you not only scared me and daddy but your church family too! You are a very precious gift to so many of us. I LOVE YOU SWEET HALLEILIE my song of praise! Well when we got here the E.R doc said she wanted to check if you have seizures. She told Daddy and I that you would be admitted. The admitting docs (2of them) came in and said they heard a heart mermer. You have been so very brave, as brave as any 2mo old can be. They have poked and pulled tugged and looked all the while you are so frightened. Lets pray they find whats troubling you.

Please keep this precious little girl in your prayers.

Haliah (Ha, Leah) is only 2 months old. She's Elijah's little sister (Elijah lived 2 days with his family, he had an encephalocele like Joshua's).

After several bad apnea episodes last week and some more symptoms today, Haliah has ended up in the hospital with a feared heart murmur.

As you can imagine, Marie's (Momma) heart is fragile after losing Elijah. Pray with me for Haliah's healing and wisdom for her doctors.

****Marie does not have internet at home, just a mobile phone that accesses Facebook. This is also while you haven't seen any blogging from her in recent months. I'll put updates at the top of this post, so keep checking back.****


  1. Sending prayers & good thoughts.

  2. I will be praying! I followed this family's story but hadn't seen any updates in blogland about the baby girl being born. Thanks for sharing and letting us know!

  3. Will definitely pray for her and her family!

  4. Oh wow, thanks for sharing. Lots of hugs and prayers for her family. Keep us updated if you can. I can not locate her blog right now.

  5. Any updates on this baby girl? Still sending lots of love and prayers!