Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wrestling a Greased Monkey

Or as I like to call it - putting pajamas on Naomi.

Getting the girl dressed is ALWAYS a hassle. But she reserves her A-game for bedtime. At present she has 4 sleepers that are warm enough for bedtime. 2 of them have snaps from head to toe, 1 has a zipper, and 1 has buttons up the front. They are all a pain in the butt. The H2T snaps really get me frustrated though.


Chase child after repeated reprimands to "Come back here! No! Come back!"

Try not to giggle when child dissolves into peels of giggles while being chased.

Snag child around the waist and proceed to attach diaper.

Repeatedly move legs that are preventing velcro-ing the tabs.

Hold one leg up in the air a bit so as to prevent the inevitable contortionist twist onto the tummy while still having bottom on the floor. This is a means to a "getaway". It's good too. If you lose hold of that leg, you're right back at square one with "Come back here!"

Retrieve child.

Try to hold child and lay out jammies on the floor with one hand for each task.

Huffing, puffing and sighing helps convey the frustration.

Lay child on jammies.

Lay child down again on jammies.

Right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot. Now replace limbs into the sleeves they have now escaped from. And again.

Attempt to snap buttons. Manage 1. Watch child contort and flip over to crawl away. Try to snap while crawling after them. This wastes a lot of time, but feels like it's working. Except, it's not. Working, that is.

Huff and puff.

Repeatedly whine, "HOLD STILL!"

Manage the front snaps.

Stand child up, thinking this may be a better approach.

After 2 snaps, they are back to imprisonment on their back.

Attempt the last few.

Get more annoyed that they are now uninterested with getting away and are calmly laying down.

Couldn't you have done that at the beginning???

Concludes with big hugs. So, all if forgiven. Until the next bedtime.


  1. I'VE SOOOO BEEN THERE! Thanks, Susie. Glad to know I'm not alone. :)

  2. LOL oh Susie! Couldn't have said it better myself! Thankfully its warm here and I've just been letting Sophie sleep in her diaper!

  3. sooo familiar. I've started tickling PJ when it's time to get changed...he loves it and squeals and laughs, but then calms down and waits for me to do it again. I use those few seconds of him laying still anticipating the next tickle to attach a diaper to him, or slip his legs into his jammies :)

  4. we have the same behavior here. i find it easiest to snap the Pj up to the waist. Tread it on Sarah like pants and quickly pull it up and stick her arms in while she is standing. Then there is usually only 4-5 snaps left and they go quick.

  5. I've just NEVER gone with the pyjamas.

    Why dress kids in surplus clothes?

    I just dress them in something they can wear tomorrow. It seems to work well.

    Methinks you should rethink the whole pj idea.