Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just ate two chocolate-chip cookies at 4am

Oh yeah. You read that right. I got out of bed at 4am and ate, not one but, 2 chocolate-chip cookies.


The simplest answer is this:

Wednesday morning: both girls sprout fevers without any other symptoms [we were out]. We returned home and went into lockdown mode.

Thursday: Still feverish (103 without Tylenol/Pamol)

Thursday 6:30pm: Naomi goes to bed because she's exhausted from not taking a second nap.

Thursday 8:00pm: Naomi wakes up thinking it's time for her "nap" to be over. Oceana gets ready for bed [going to bed late because she did take a nap, and screwed her bedtime up].

Thursday 8:30pm: Oceana goes to bed. Naomi refuses to settle.

Thursday 10:30pm: Naomi finally settles back down and goes to sleep.

Thursday Midnight: Momma heads for bed, grudgingly, as Daddy is away for 2 weeks and Momma doesn't sleep well when he's gone.

Friday 1am: Oceana wakes crying; wets pants on the way to bathroom [presumably too many unchecked fluids and too sick to notice the urge to go till too late]. Change clothes, clean up mess, take child to my room. Settle in to sleep.

Friday 2am: Oceana wakes crying. Fever is back. Get sippy cup of water. Find thermometer that has wandered off [argh!], dose again with Tylenol. Settle in to sleep.

Friday 3am: Naomi wakes crying. Feed baby. Fever is back. Dose again with Tylenol. Naomi does not settle.

Friday 4am: Naomi still not settling. Momma gets out of bed, proceeds to pour herself and baby a cup of cold water. Momma pulls out the cookie bin and eats two cookies at 4am.

Friday 4:14am: Waiting for Naomi to resettle so Momma can resettle and get more than 59 minutes of sleep in a row.

Tomorrow's gonna hurt.

We're gonna be fine. When their Tylenol is working they are happy-chappy and fine. It's just when their fevers come back that they get really out of shape.

If these fevers don't break by mid-morning we'll be visiting the doctor since it's Friday and I'm not waiting until Saturday night [when the ER/ED is my only choice] to see that there's something more than an icky virus going on.


  1. I am not sure how you stopped at only 2 chocolate chip cookies.. Wow what a sleepless night for you.. Hope the little girlies kick that fever soon.
    Take Care!

  2. If your girls can take ibuprofen (Advil is the brand name in the States, not sure what it is there), you can alternate that with the tylenol so that one is kicking in when the other is wearing off. It works like a charm.

  3. :( so sorry your girls aren't feeling good! I really hope and pray you get to get some sleep soon!


  4. I waas going to suggest the Tylenol/Ibprofen alternating cycle as well. Can be a REAL lifesaver. :-)

  5. Yeah, I was thinking more like "only 2 cookies??" after all that! Yikes. I'll say a prayer for you. Now, you go eat whatever you want, girl! ;)
    -Jennie Gann