Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Naomi Aroha @ 1 year


Naomi Aroha was named in large part due to the meanings of her name - Naomi [pleasant, delight], Aroha [love].

She really is a delight!

There was a time in there - which I now understand better - where I thought I just might lose my mind. Between months 3 and 6 we dealt with winter, my postpartum issues [depression, sleep deprivation, call it what you will], a nearly on-going case of nursing thrush in her mouth and my ... , and now I realize she probably had some kinda of reflux. She puked all the time, in large amounts, but I just chalked it up to her being a "spilly baby". Her tummy probably hurt a lot more than I knew.

But right now? She's a delight.

She does however, keep me on my toes, unlike no other child I've ever met. It's hard to explain what I mean. If you've met her, you'll know there's nothing she won't try, do, climb, eat, ... and not just once ... over and over and over again. Her perseverance is remarkable.

Naomi, now that you are 12 months old, you can:

*Walk. Run. Fall Down. Repeat

*Eat most anything. Although any time you get something remotely potato/corn chip-like in your mouth you gag. Without fail.

*Eat pears - straight through the skin.

*Climb unassisted onto our couch, both our arm chairs, the coffee table, and our bed. You struggle a bit with Oceana's bed,
but I'm sure you'll figured that out soon.

*Climb up the back of the couch and stand on the dining room table (they touch, she's not flying...)

*Climb onto the dining room table from a dining room chair (if I put you on the chair). You've also been known to climb out of your high chair and onto the table if I forget to belt you in.

*Climb onto the stool by the trampoline, grasp the bar, and try to pull yourself up. You have no succeeded, for which I am truly grateful. Otherwise we're gonna have to fence the trampoline!!!

*Say "Whoa!", and at the appropriate times. Often when you've fallen down.

*Say "Fah!", for "High five" and put your hands on for anyone, anytime.

*Play peek-a-boo. You especially loved playing with your carseat sunshade yesterday. I pulled it forward so that you could push it down yourself. You loved this game!

*Find people if we ask you where they are - within reason - you have to be in the room with them. Although you certainly knew where I was today when I was trying to hide from you for a moment with the rubber gloves, scrub brush, and bleach so I could clean the bathroom. One moment you were outside, the next moment you had your hand on my back. :)

*Sip from a straw.

*Hold your own. There's not much you can't handle. You don't like being sat on, held down, or restrained (specifically this is Oceana being an "involved" big sister), but I don't like being sat on either. You put up with just about everything else.

Other things about you:

*You are a tough cookie. Sweetiepie, you fall all day long, bonk your head on more stuff than I care to remember, and 90% of the time you just jump up and keep going. Or say, "Whoa!"

*I know you are tired when I pick you up and you tuck your arms between your body and mine. You also tuck your head into my shoulder and bury your eyes. :) When I put you to bed I sing our "Nigh-Nigh" song, pray for you, and tell you I love you. I put your white blanket over your shoulders, tuck it in around your arms, and then lay you down. You used to only sleep on your tummy, but now you sometimes sleep on your side. There's no controlling where you sleep now ... you have a mind of your own.

*You love to get into the cupboards. I ruin all your fun by locking the cabinets.

*You love to eat toilet paper, unravel toilet paper, and drop things in the toilet. The toilet door must stay shut at all times now.

*You love to empty Oceana's makeup bag full of hair clips, ties, and ribbons. At least 3x a week I have to clean up every last piece and shove it back in the bag because you've discovered it within reach again.

*You sit in your toy bins, in boxes, and buckets when you play.

*You love a good cuddle, but only when you are tired. Otherwise you crawl all over the place while I'm trying to "settle you down". Usually that's code for me wanting to settle down and thusly needing you to be in one place while I do so.

*You can use a fork now. I didn't know you could. I was trying to keep you busy one night, so I handed you Oceana's plastic fork. I watched in awe as you took one hand to push the food towards the fork, and the other to pierce the potato on your high chair tray. A blink of an eye and you were gnawing on the potato.

*I call you Monkey a lot - because you're a little imp!

*Your Uncle Siah calls you Pebbles. He feels this is only fair as he named Oceana Bubbles when she was a baby. He still calls Oceana Bubbles, but he always forgets the first time and calls you Bubbles too. Then he says something about being sorry, that you're Pebbles, and that Oceana's nickname is Bubbles. It's very cute. Don't worry, we don't forget your real name.

*We call you Nay or NayNay most of the time. We would spell it Na, but then when we spell NaNa, it doesn't look right. So NayNay it is.

*Gabby, your friend [20m], calls you Omi. Oce (Oshee) and Omi! And she squeals every time she sees you. OHmi! OHshee! I like her nickname for you.

*You wear between a 3 and 4 size shoe now. The 3s are pushing their luck, but the 4s are a bit big. 1/2 sizes on small children a dumb idea because you outgrow shoes so fast!

*You stain so much clothing. *eye roll*

Pebbles, SweetiePie, NayNay, Omi - we love you sweetie. You are pure delight. You light up our faces, our hearts, our lives. I am so glad that you are a part of our family. You are a perfect, God-sent baby. Hugs and kisses from Momma. I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Absolutely beautiful post.. I can't believe that she is 1 year old already.. Goodness.
    She looks and sounds like loads of fun.
    Also it sounds like just chasing her around you wouldn't need to get any other exercise just lots of rest.
    Continue to Enjoy and have a Wonderful day!
    Happy Birthday Miss Naomi!

  3. Love that post. Great picture as well!!

  4. happy birthday, sweet Naomi!!! p.s. i thing the nickname "Omi" is just cutest thing!!

  5. Love it! This will be a great thing to look back on one day for her and you both!

  6. I loved the post on Nay Nay. Do you think "Omi" will catch on?

    She'll appreciate it in 20 years. I wonder if the internet...(in 20 years)...will be so far advanced with new hardware/software that this blog may not be viewable in 2031 at her 21st. Grandpa Mears ( Baboo )