Sunday, January 24, 2010

A very grown up 3+

Just a few days ago, it occurred to me that Oceana will be 5 next year.

Which means she'll start school next year.

Which means I'll be homeschooling [most likely] by next year.

Which strikes fear in my heart! But also, excitment!

She's incredibly grown up, this sweet girl.

She is too grown up some days. Like today when she learned what a "mooring line" was (the ropes used to tie up ships).

And then other days, like today, she's still a toddler in need of reasoning skills.

O: "I want salad!"
S: "Ok, here you go." [put two pieces of lettuce on her plate at lunch].
O: *hysteria* "NO! NO! NOT 2! ONLY 1! ONLY 1!"
S: "Hey, settle down. Fine. Here! Ok, 1 piece." [taking 1 piece off and eating it myself].
O: *hysteria* "NO! NO! NOT 1! DON'T EAT MY PIECE! MOMMMMMY!!!!"

Ahem. I tooootally kept my cool. Er.... well, I didn't yell at her. But it wasn't at our house, it was on the ship with other people around...

I hate moments like that when non-family people are around.

I said, "HA! With me around, it's like the best birth control! No one will ever have babies, if they keep seeing this!"

I have a tendency to be overdramatic, and try to make people laugh, rather than think "Geez she's a bad mom, can't she keep that kid under control." I was trying folks. I was trying. She got time-out in the cabin, after I carried all 35+lbs of her in there sobbing over 1 vs 2 pieces of lettuce on her plate.

*eye roll*

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  1. Get that little lady started now! Have her help you make lists emphasizing letter sounds etc. Ask comprehension questions when reading like, "Why does the character feel that way?" "Oh my goodness what just happened?!" Yea. Sorry. OCD teacher. Let me know if you want advice (Seeming I'm FREELY giving it now...I need to simma down!). And I was homeschooled. Homeschooled kids rock!

  2. When my youngest was about that age, she started having major issues with her pants. I could NeVEr figure out the problem, when after putting her pants on her she would practically become hysterical as she cried, "No wrinkles, NO wrinkles!!" And when I ask her now, she doesn't remember any of it! hahaha

  3. Oh how I remember the toddler/preschooler years. I think you handled it just fine!!!

  4. you're a wonderful mom, Susie! My mom has always said ages 3 and 4 are MUCH harder than 2 because they're so much more opinionated with larger vocabularies. Have fun with the homeschooling!! What an awesome adventure!! :) p.s. LOVE Oce's hat!!!

  5. ROFL!!! This definitely made me laugh :-) Kids...

  6. It is T.O.T.A.L.L.Y the age. My 3.5 year old girl - formerly communicative, sweet,pleasant, obidient and kind is a deamon possessed these days...

    All my Empathy.

    Pretty pictures!

    Smiles from TX.

  7. I hate moments like that when non-family people are around.

    I totally get that sentiment. I call them "out in public" days. Those are the days I call Dh at the office and tell him not to expect a hot dinner because we're going to the zoo or the store or the mall or the park or some where public because if I have to face an unreasonable, screaming, whining, hysterical toddler alone for 1 more minute I just might lose my mind.

  8. I love her hat. Did you make it? She's a little beauty. Isn't it amazing how some days they are so cooperative and other days they will argue about absolutely everything? Tell her Gramma says she's beautiful and give her hugs for me.

    Mom Sams

  9. Have you checked out Sonlight Curriculum (at It's what we're using right now, and I really, really like it.