Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's the little things

*Watching this little thing.

*Reaching the age where the 'contents' of cloth diapers now fall into the toilet, instead of needing external force*

*Watching a first step.

*Knowing that your youngest beat your oldest in the race to walk earliest. Naomi holds the record at 8m, 21d. Oceana walked at 8m, 28d (2 days before 9 months)

*Pulling boxes out of the attic and asking Oceana whose clothes these are. Hearing "Ja'shua's!" So glad she knows who he is, even 2 years later.

*Finding that Matt had bought 4 rubbermaid boxes for me! Organisation that stacks! Woot!

*Getting a wok for Christmas. We had one in the US, but it was left behind. We would have brought it back the last time we went, but realized that it was actually in VT, not PA as we had originally thought. So I have two - one is rotting away in storage at my grandma's though...

What about you? What are your little things today?

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  1. Love it! Mine is finally catching my youngest son's giggles on video! He is so serious most of the time but he was in a mood tonight!

  2. *seeing a picture of my adorable niece who I am greatly missing right now.

    *thinking about Oceana and how I never got to take her for a fluffy before I left.

    *Loving that Oceana still recognizes Joshua's clothing.

    *lots of hand-me-down clothes from my sister-in-law.

    *getting an awesome 2nd hand wii off craigslist.

    *getting to read my sister's blog posting :) Seriously, if for no one else, please keep blogging for my sake. Reading your blogs helped me so much the year I was at Elim, and they still do. they make my day :)

  3. Not having to go outside in the blustery cold all day, Having fantastic dreams last night, a bubble bate in just a bit, lots of tea!

  4. Wonderful!!!
    I added some "little things" to my blog if you want to check them out... been a long morning, but putting it in to words really put it in to perspective! Thanks for letting me find the good in the oh so tiresome things! LOL!

  5. It is the little things like:
    After 14 yrs of love lost and refound, 3 pregnancies that ended with much sadness that the forth time is the charm. And that it is ok to sit leaned back on the couch and watch the miracle inside me dance and know it is not wasting my time, it is enjoying my daughter before she is in my arms. It is knowing that sometime in the next 55 days she will be here and I will get to love her for as long as God lets me. Even if it is a short time or many many years. Lissa G Columbia City IN

  6. AND I wanted to add how absolutely incredible it is how early they walk! WOW! Way to go girls!