Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 62

Joshua was given this white and green sleeper by his uncle Bryce, aunt Christina, and cousin Miles when they visited. It has a little label on the front that says "Little Captain" and it's covered in little boats. I felt it was appropriate, since we're so involved with the M/V Pacific Link and because his uncle Josiah wants to be a captain someday too.

But this morning I was thinking about how well the title "Little Captain" fits him. He is our guide in uncharted waters. His pediatrician said to us when he was born, "Joshua gets to choose his own way and he gets to have some dignity in the way you are taking care of him." What she meant by that was, because there's no heroic measures we're taking (there aren't really any heroic measure that can be taken), Joshua gets to choose when its time to go. He's nearly 9 weeks old and he's never had oxygen. He's never had a feeding tube. He's never been on a heart monitor or an apnea alarm. He has existed as any normal newborn and he has made it this far because he's strong.

He's our Little Captain - our guide in uncharted waters.
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  1. And what a blessing to be as normal as normal can be! You have been blessed as some are not so fortunate.

  2. I love you guys. Can't wait to be home with you all!

  3. Okay that was awesome. It deserves a chapter in your book.

  4. That brought tears to my eyes. Looking at his sweet face, I just want to hug him!

  5. I'm praying a lot for you. That's a beautiful picture of Joshua.