Friday, November 6, 2009

Good question!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Girl. How are you still alive and walking after keeping those kind of hours?!
I am super glad that Oceana doesn't have chicken pox... hope she remembers how to sleep!
I think with all that you earned a NaBloPoMo pass...


Starbucks Milk Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. They may not be a healthy way to survive on no sleep--but it's certainly effective! Melody, my dear sweet friend and sister, you are my HERO for sending these this week. They arrived the day these sleep shenanigans began. :)


  1. Well, there ya go! Thank God for the little blessings, right. The little chocolate covered caffeine laden blessings. :)

    Hope last night was MUCH better!


  2. poor Momma..hope Oceana better now!!

  3. I LOVE chocolate covered coffee beans!!! YUMMM!!!! Do you find that the caffeine affects Naomi at all, with nursing??? I was always afraid to eat/drink too much caffeine when I was nursing - I thought it would make the baby crazy! I only ask b/c I'm going to be nursing again in a few weeks & I will NEED some caffeine. :)