Friday, November 6, 2009

#1 NaBloPoMo Handslap

Yup, I missed my first day.

Strange though, because I was composing in my head while cleaning the kitchen last night. I had every intention of doing it. I guess I got distracted by Wild Hogs & We Are Marshall. We were part way through We Are Marshall when Naomi woke up. *Sob*...

I guess it's safe to say it now - we thought Oceana had chicken pox. On Wednesday I took the girls to Stretch & Grow - it's the teen mom's program at our church that I help out with.

She was fine when we got there, but within a half hour she was acting funny. She's usually a happy-go-lucky, ultra-excited kid, but that day she wanted to sit in my lap and whine. She asked me repeatedly to go home in fact. If you know Oceana in real life, you'll know that's something you never hear!

She didn't have a fever, but certainly was acting sick. I asked her at some point if she wanted to go sleep in the stroller. Shocker, she said yes! I would have gone home, but I was having a meeting after the group, so I really needed to stay. She continued to be fussy, even falling asleep on the couch in the reception area of the church for about half an hour.

A friend mentioned that chicken pox were going around, and I remembered a few red bumps I had seen that morning getting her dressed. *Panic!*

*The chicken pox/Varicella vaccine isn't offered in New Zealand, so Oceana hasn't had it. Even if it were, I don't think I'd opt for it.*

All I could think was, "Great! I've been stuck home alone for 2 weeks, and now I'll be stuck for 2 more!"

Wednesday she slept all afternoon. But this meant that she slept 8:30-4 overnight. She stayed awake from 4, but fell asleep at 11am on Thursday. She slept on and off all afternoon Thursday, and then threw up Thursday night. But the spots were still the same, no worse, no better, no more, and not particularly itchy. I'm thinking now that it's a combination of eczema and insect bites that happened to be noticed with a virus. And the trip word "chickenpox" had me up in arms quickly. :)

Thursday night she slept 8-3:30am. At 3:30 she woke up and then stayed awake allllll day.She didn't even have rest time Friday afternoon. I was sure she's sleep normally Friday night, but instead she was awake at 2am.

I am about ready to lose it! I've done all those awake hours, minus the 5-8 shift one of those days. She's watched a lot of movies, simply so I could lay on the couch and try to snooze. But you know it's not quality sleep... Oi!

So anyways, I fell asleep last night watching We Are Marshall, after I'd fed Naomi again, and put her to bed. Never remembered to post again.

Ha! I'll have trouble remembering my own name if I don't get some more sleep soon!


  1. I think you get a pass if you have sick children! Thats my vote anyway. Hope all returns to normal quickly!!

  2. Girl. How are you still alive and walking after keeping those kind of hours?!

    I am super glad that Oceana doesn't have chicken pox... hope she remembers how to sleep!

    I think with all that you earned a NaBloPoMo pass...


  3. Ouch! HOpe she sleeps tonight! Glad you aren't housebound another two weeks! Michele Walsh

  4. started posting NaBloPoMo stuff on Nov 1st or 2nd didn't you? How did you miss the first one?

  5. you have a better excuse than I do! I definitely just forgot... and i was planning on doing it hardcore this year! ahh well... glad she doesn't have the chicken pox... seriously, that would rot.