Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chunky Cheeks


I love how that all three of my babies had cheeks. Big cheeks and skinny bodies. While Naomi may have been big when she was born - big according to my standards - she has slimmed down and stayed that way. She may be 17lbs, but you wouldn't know it. All I ever hear is about how little, petite, and tiny she is.

Of course to me she's huge! 17lbs! Crazy! But she does have a smaller noggin, which I think makes her look small over all. And there aren't exactly monster rolls hiding under her clothes. Nope, this kid is streamlined!



  1. I for one L O V E your babies chubby cheeks! all three of them! ugh! so cute!!!! love you!

  2. Ha! I was just out on a walk with Holly yesterday, discussing the size of our kid's heads. Random! Mine are small, by the way. (I was so thankful!)

    Eliza has been my only chunk. And, oooooh! I love the chunk so much! I kiss her fat cheeks and grab her tummy all the time. And she always giggles :)

    When I look at Naomi, I think "delicate." :)