Sunday, July 5, 2009

The last of our trip

Harrisburg, PA airport (MDT) is the coolest! Talk about Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) country, there's rocking chairs before security so you can hang with your family before your flight! These are Matt's parents - now there's a face to the name "mom sams" in comments, but that's Pam and Dennis. They are wonderful people. Love them to bits. (Well, except you Dad! You don't want us around anyways. At last you're rid of us! - Don't worry folks, that's an inside joke)

A very happy/sad Gramma and Naomi. See that pretty purple applique? It's covering a stain that refused to come out after Oceana killed it....
A very
Oceana wanted to photograph Grampa. He was being a ham just for her...
Burger King at LAX. At this point she was out of fries to dip in the ketchup, so she was ignoring her burger and eating ketchup off her finger. COZ SHE CAN!
How Naomi enjoyed Burger King... She was a tired little thing by that point. It was her bedtime, and it was still 4 hours until our flight went out... Poor buhb! I forgot that I'd get the boy/girl confusion and dressed her in a green onesie and blue socks. I just had to get over all the "How old is HE?" comments. Oh well...


  1. I live in Chicago and my sister lives in PA. When I flew into Harrisburg *International* Airport to visit them I was amazed. I couldn't find the rest of the airport. It was so funny. The ENTIRE arrival and departure area was smaller than ONE terminal at O'hare. It is just so funny.

  2. My goodness is her hair really light or is she just a baldy!? Either way shes beautiful. My second was balder then bald until he was over 2. And even when he was in blue I would hear the "how old is SHE" question. People are just dense.

  3. I love the Harrisburg airport, it's so cosy and I love those rockers.

    I like "be strong and courageous" for your photography and I also like Joshua Matthew. I like your logo of a cross.

    Good luck with your dream, you do have a huge talent.

    I used to read your journal and pray for you when Joshua was sick and I checked back to see how you were doing and read your news about new baby. I'm happy for you and glad to read you are pursuing photography.

    Good luck! Kerry Kenney, Phoenix AZ (formerly of HBG PA)