Thursday, May 14, 2009


She's watching the patio door. She loves light. You can see the reflection in her eyes.

But it looks as though she's almost sad.

Tonight I watched her as she stared over my shoulder, away from the other six people in the room. She was watching her brother's pictures on the wall behind me. Naomi's heard about Joshua before. But tonight I told her about her brother again.

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  1. I know I do not know your sweet family, but from pictures, I am convinced Naomi looks just like Joshua. It is uncanny to me, although as mommy, you probably think I am out of my mind. All three are adorable faces!

  2. It's amazing how smart and intuitive babies can be.

  3. I am sure she remembers Joshua... he probably held her hand before she came to earth to meet you.


  4. What a sweet picture.
    How great that you are keeping Joshua's memory so real for them!

  5. psst
    check my blog (but don't feel obligated to do it, I know these things are a bit corny) :P

    and, the girls are GORGEOUS!

  6. Her big brother is talking to her, and she hears him and she sees him, and feels him in the kisses of Oceana.

    I'm in LOVE with this photo! Of all 3 of your babes!

  7. Hi Susie!

    I probably have told you this quite a few time, but I truly admire you.

    Also, Naomi is so cute...I see a lot of Joshua in her face!!

    Love, Dana in Virginia

  8. I'm feelin ya, sister. I'm feelin ya.

    And, for the record, I think Miss Naomi has a whole lot of that strong and courageous brother in her. ;)

  9. She was probably looking at Josh and her angels. i remember my son was laughing like crazy at the front. Me and my son's nurse talked about how silly he was. I told her he was probably laughing at his angels. By that time he had stopped laughing, I looked up and said, "If it was ya'll angels making him laugh please do it again" and just like that started laughing again. =)


  10. Babies have angels :) He is always with you all.

  11. They are just beautiful! Never underestimate the possibilities of innocent hearts and minds. :) You already know from Joshua how God uses them in miraculous ways! :D

  12. so adorable. I have taken three days to read everything in your blog to get caught up. You are one amazing woman!

  13. She was looking at Joshua's pictures thinking, "Hey I KNOW him......."

    Your three children are SO beautiful.