Monday, April 6, 2009

Summing It Up

Angie Smith welcomed her little girl Audrey Caroline into the world last April 7th. They had to say goodbye the same day. I read Angie's blog all the time. Often she's talking about her grief, her journey, but she also shares about her life and how she's continuing on. Today she posted a song, and I was going to skip over it and not listen. Our internet upload/download is getting short for the month (it's limited here in NZ, not like Broadband in the US), and listening to a song was unnecessary in my mind. But something made me listen to it. She said it was a HUGE impact on her life.
This song so perfectly sums up my last year and a half. Please pop over to Bring The Rain and listen to the song. It's only up for 3 days because it's not supposed to be released by the band, Selah (Angie's husband's band) until August 09. So don't wait to go over, go listen to it now. Read the words.

I hope you understand what I'm getting at.

God's done miracles. God's redeemed the mess. God's still on His throne. When the shattered pieces are placed at the feet of Jesus, He can do incredible things.


  1. Wasn't it BEAUTIFUL? To quote Hand Christian Anderson... "Where words fail, music speaks".

    I'm glad Selah could articulate for you :)

  2. Here's praying encouragement and strength your way. You're doing a great job and your patience (or what you may feel is impatience at times :P) is soon to be rewarded! Looking forward to hearing about the arrival of this sweet baby (though I am sure not nearly as much as you and your family are!!) On my last comment I forgot to post my blog address in case you're interested:

  3. God knew I NEEDED to hear that today. THANK YOU for being a faithful child of God.


    PS Your in my prayers

  4. Hi Susie

    overdue babies are my specialty, so I am not even going to ask how that is going!!
    But I was thinking about how we filled in those last few days - (also lots of walking!) - and wondered - have you been doing any more knitting, or are you all knitted out? Whatcha been making?
    best wishes to you all for the coming days and weeks. We will be checking in often!

  5. I know you are so ready for that baby to come. Try to enjoy what little time you have left being a Mom to two kids pretty soon it will be three. I know your excited to welcome this baby into your arms and I'm sure it's going to be hard after losing Joshua. I will be praying for you!
    Love ya,

  6. I just realized how dumb my last comment was you are already the Mom to three kids. Life begins at conception and as soon as a baby is conceived then it is your baby. So congrats on being the Mom of three!
    Love ya

  7. Great song! I wish I hadn't cried like a baby through the whole thing. Pregnancy hormones, sheesh. But I can't completely blame the hormones, cuz it was so beautiful. Thanks for posting about it! Soooo worth a listen. Or two. Or three.

    Hope you get to meet your little girl soon after a safe, easy delivery!

  8. Hi Susie,

    I wanted to let you know that although I don't comment all the time, I am always here reading. I am praying for you to have a safe and quick delivery of a healthy baby girl. I can't wait to see pictures! You still serve as an inspiration to me every day. You have a beautiful family. I think of Joshua often and what a life changing little boy he was to us all!

    Love, Dana in Virginia

  9. christina taylorApril 6, 2009 at 9:11 PM

    WhOA, congrats Susie, your ticker states 40wks... not that you are thrilllled with that, BUT i thought it looked prettttty coool. Hey, so you could so totally have this child on your other daughters birthday, crazy eh?? We are prayinbg for a great birth!