Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Day Out

Yeah, so if I'm posting and it doesn't say "introducing" then assume there's no baby. No baby, just in case that wasn't clear. :)

Oceana had some bubblegum flavored gelato today. She thought it was amazing. I found it disgusting. I did the "Mommy Lick" because it was starting to drip, so I grabbed it up and licked around the edge. It totally ruined the cookie flavored gelato I had eaten up to that point. Bubblegum gelato? Ew ew ew. I ordered it because it was the "Pink One". :)

And the brown smudges you see are from breakfast - Marmite. Kiwis, are you proud? She loves it. Except that she eats peanut butter, Marmite, and strawberry jam sandwiches. It's her conconction and it looks disgusting. She will also eat Marmite off of a spoon (a la peanut butter on a spoon). Marmite is yeast extract paste. It's about as appetising as it sounds too...

Matt doesn't like having his picture taken. This was the only way he could drink his coffee and not be seen together.

Looks like I get some sun today. 39w4d.

I look worn out, but that's coz it's 9pm and I walked 3.5 km today trying to shake this baby loose. She's sticking tight though, apparently. :oS

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  1. aw hun u look miserable! Hugs from australia xoxo

  2. My mom loves Marmite, I can't even stand the smell of it. That's funny that Oceana loves it.

  3. Marmite sounds disgusting! lol I imagine it to taste like bouillon paste.

    You still look amazing, though ready to have her finally here. *crosses fingers she'll be here soon!*

    Allison in Baton Rouge

  4. That is such a cute pic of Oceana!! Your camera is amazing, I am definitely jealous. ;) You look beautiful! I never got to 39 weeks, so it's fun seeing what pregnancy looks like at that stage. Hopefully next time I'll make it to term!!

    So excited for you both, and so excited to see this little girl!!

  5. I eagerly clicked to see a...
    not today.
    but you are looking ready.
    if you keep up the walking you are bound to shake her loose.


  6. Hi I've been following your blog since Joshua was born and I just love your spirit and your love of life!! I'm praying that this little sweetie comes on her own...soon that is! I have four of my own so I know the waiting feeling (all of mine were induced after 41 wks...aghhh!) I would love to hear more about yours and your husbands ministry out there! We are a young ministry family as well (youth and at risk teen camp in Northwestern Ontario Canada) and would love to get to know you better! Here's to a swift and painless (can we hope for that :)) delivery and a healthy baby girl!!

  7. Good luck with "shaking her loose!!" You still look adorable, and I hope that things get moving soon!

  8. i hope i didnt convince her to stay in there till my birthday. as much as i would love that, i dont want to think of what you would have to go through for the next 2 1/2 wks.

    oce's sandwich sounds horrible. i kind of wish i would have tried it while i had marmite around. :)

  9. You look AMAZING!! I can't wait to "meet" your little flip-flop!!
    Thinking of you & praying for you,
    Emily in Mississippi

  10. Hehe! Me and DH love marmite. I love Marmite and cheese sandwiches. Sounds gross, and my hubby won't touch it, but it's delicious!!!

  11. Maybe instead of a walk, today you can try a trampoline. :)

  12. Susie-
    Praying for you. Can't wait to see pictures of that sweet little girl soon! Hang in there she can't stay in there forever so it will happen sooner then later. I have ten weeks to go and can't wait to get my little girl out! You are much closer then me!
    Hugs and Prayers

  13. Just popped in to see if there was any news yet. You look miserable, but beautiful.
    Your in my prayers for a safe delivery!

  14. Well I thought there would be a beautiful baby girl posting on the pages today, but I see it's still a beautiful mom with the most beautiful baby (girl) bump ever.

    Maybe it might help if you removed your hands, which looks like the ONLY thing supporting her, and she would drop on out-lol. She sure is low (er)!!

    Looks to me, and hopefully for you, she's not going to take that long (once those hands are removed) to introduce herself. She's just waiting for that right moment, which won't be much longer!

    Wishing you peace, joy, and comfort during this time of anticipation.

  15. Oh-what is marmite? I can do a search on the web, but I would rather know from the source.

  16. I can wait on an answer to such a simple question, because you are waiting on enough right now:)

  17. Good luck and can't wait for that "Intorducing" post....

  18. She'll come Susie! I was due 4/2 and on 3/31 I nearly choked anyone who might have asked the "anything happening?" question!! Low and behold after only an hour and 1/2 of labor, my sweet baby boy was born on 4/1!! I just know she'll be here soon and you'll get your much awaited, much anticipated home birth!!

  19. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she is born on Easter Sunday? Then we'd have birthdays on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 17th. Nothing like packing them in huh? I love it. Hope for your sake that the event happens very soon and praying for a fast and easy labor and delivery. You deserve it! Love you sweetie.

  20. I see your still hanging in there ;) I hope your little one arrives soon.

  21. Know how you feel.........I was there too.....12 days until he came out!
    Good luck.....Can't wait to hear about the arrival!
    (I've been reading your blog for a long time, though haven't commented much.......)