Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Murphy's Law of Nursing

You will be overly tired when you sit down on that couch at 9:30pm.

You will curl into a little ball after feeding said little baby at 9:30pm.

You will look at said little baby and intend to go to bed very soon.

You will wake up at 1:00am when your sister wakes you up and sends you off to your own bed.

You will freeze to death, changing into your PJs, since winter has arrived.

You will fall into bed and shiver for several minutes.

You will feel your heart fall through the chilly mattress when you hear said small child waking up for her next feeding, all of 2 minutes after your head hits the pillow.


  1. Yup. Have you ever tried nursing while lying down in your bed? I always did the last feeding of the night, night feedings, and first feeding of the morning in bed.... much more relaxing {and then you are in your own bed}.

  2. lol! I caught my then infant daughter as she rolled down my body & onto my feet. I never again nursed in a chair when I was tired. Always just brought her into bed after that & let hubby put her back.

  3. Susie,

    I so remember those days.
    Especially the freezing part. I wonder why when your boobs are full of milk... body temp. that you can get so darn cold.

    It is always so true...
    the moment you drift off its time for the next feeding.
    It is like the little munchkins plan it... but we know they don't.

    I don't want to jinx you by telling you this... but I remember having mastitis on a couple of occasions (two different babies) one time I was so sick my sister had to hold my baby (Stewart) to my breast to eat cause I didn't have the strength of my own. Thank heavens for sisters.


  4. Oh, yes, I've been there! I remember being so exhausted & so HUNGRY...I didn't want to take time to eat, so I would take plain pieces of bread out of the bag & just chow down. It was ridiculous! :)

  5. blogspook from IndianaApril 22, 2009 at 12:24 PM

    ...and in 20 years, you will look at the former said little baby and say "Where has the time gone!?!?" and you will have forgotten the sleepless nights. They will be over far too soon....

    Trust me, I lie not. It is true. My former little babies are 32 and 29.

  6. Oh boy am I looking forward to that!! haha!! Only difference, it's summer here!! You will be here soon though! I am so excited! I cannot wait to see you!

  7. I always said the baby could "hear" me get cozy in my bed and want to intentionally mess it all up! LOL!

  8. I hate it when I just get in bed, exhausted, and hear one of my kids wailing for me!

    I love my heated mattress pad in the cold weather. I have made it a habit to turn it on all the way when I leave bed to tend to a child so I don't have to return to a cold bed when I'm chilled. Perhaps you could catch one on sale somewhere or ask for one for a birthday or something like that. Even if you choose to turn it off when you get in, it'll warm up a bed very nicely. I really love mine, can you tell???

    Good to hear from ya. Sleep, rest, enjoy!

  9. haha, ooooh man Susie, well, i am STILL experiencing that, esp. with nap time.. uggg, its sooooo painfull!!! I think they are laughing at us! naughty naughty kidos...

  10. nurse in bed. so much better. not just for keeping warm, but i also found it was better for my back.

  11. Just look at her and it will all be worth it!

    Hang in there!

  12. I laugh because my son always wakes up as soon as I: 1) crawl into bed or 2) sit down with a plate of food.

    As you know, it will get better. I wasn't sure before he was born, but from the first night I just brought him to bed with me. Now at 5 months, he goes to bed early in his own bed each evening but comes to bed with us when he wakes up.

    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!

  13. Ah, yes.....I remember that time of my life. Exhausting!

  14. YES! This is too true, makes me tired just reading it!