Friday, December 12, 2008

What's a Girl To Do?

Today was the work Christmas picnic. I know - Christmas. Picnic. Unheard of right? It's a bit to get used to, that's for sure! It was a nice time, if a bad allergy/hayfever situation. I was fine until the last hour. The wind must have changed and my eyes blew up like crazy. I was beginning to get worried, since the whites of my eyes had swelled out beyond my iris'.

We headed out to my parent's place (they are house sitting for a month) after the picnic. Except I didn't remember exactly how to get there (I knew the address and I'd been there before). But somehow I had forgotten how to get there, and after a bit of wandering around I found a big map (yay for posted maps!) and we found our way there.

Unfortunately I had spoken to my mother last and said, "We'll go straight to your house, and shop later". My dad and Matt had both last heard, "We'll both go shopping first, and then go to your house." Well, Dad convinced Mom to go shopping first. And I convinced Matt to go to their house first. Oh well, we napped in the driveway (where my eyes finally calmed down). We spent a good time catching with them later in the afternoon. Oceana is obsessed (Ob.Sess.Ed) with the cats at the house.

She also tried to "Clean" the toilet. I found her in the master bathroom with the toilet bowl cleaner all over the place, the toilet brush in and out of the toilet bowl and water everywhere else. Oh well. The house is yet to be Oceana-proof. The toilet bowl cleaner was down on the floor. I never thought to check on something like that.

We headed out from there just before dinner time and Matt dropped Oceana and I off at home. He's at youth group tonight, helping out. Havalah's out to dinner. Oceana's now in bed. What's a girl to do? The "best" thing on TV in Bad News Bears. Yawn...

My house is messy, but I'm still suffering a fair bit from my hayfever and I'm tired. So... I can decide if I'm going to clean tonight. I think I will. Tomorrow's Saturday, and I'd like to have my day to myself.

Oh, on a side note:

I deleted this portion after realising it's not good for public consumption.


  1. I did not get to read the comment not good for public consumption, but ...

    You so should have been recognized at a 2008 momma. You ARE a 2008 mama. In THREE WAYS.

    One: You are a momma to Oceana. A wonderful loving mama who is giving her a wonderful family that includes 'shua.

    Two: Joshua. You are such a kind and compassionate and that you gave birth to the most wonderful baby. You shared that love with the world and shared him with us for 67 days plus 7 hours.

    Three: Your new litle girl. You are blessed by the presence of a new little bean inside of you. I am so proud of you Susie Sams. :)

    2008 Momma of the year material there. :)

  2. I just want to say that on one hand I think it's terrible that you were not recognized for the truth of who you are, on the other hand maybe they don't know how much you would love to talk about Joshua and felt it might be "easier" for you. Although I can't imagine anything about your situation being "easier".
    I pray for you.
    Long Island, NY

  3. Susie,

    I don't know what happened exactly. But I read that you were hurt and that you were not acknowledged as a 2008 momma. You are such an amazing momma...and your journey as Joshua's momma is the ultimate display of a mother's love. I'm so sorry that happened. Praying God's continued comfort for you...

  4. Hope your allergies have calmed down a bit...

    As for that last bit - I'm sure that being left out was unintentional, or someone trying to not reopen a wound...I'm so sorry you were hurt by that, and I'm praying for your heart and soul to be at peace today.

  5. I am sorry that you were hurt! You are most definitely a 2008 momma to a beautiful baby boy!

  6. I'm so sorry you were hurt! I think you are a wonderful 2008 momma & you have a wonderful 2008 baby boy! I hope your allergy/hayfever thing gets better. It's miserable to be sick & pregnant because there's not a whole lot you can do about it!!! Hope you have a great Saturday to yourself!
    Emily in Mississippi

  7. That makes me so sad that you were not recognized. If I could shout it to the world that you were and still are a momma in 2008 I would. I will be praying for you, that the Lord would heal your heart!


  8. Sorry you were left out. It just stinks. I don't know the whole story, but maybe you could let the person who was responsible know some how, so this does not happen again. It was probably not intentional, but someone could probably learn a little something from this. I would think the best thing to have done would have been to ask you what you wanted (to be included or not. However, I don't even know you. I just read your blog, and I know you are SUPER proud of your Joshua. I don't know how someone could forget or leave you out. Yeah, I just hope you feel better. I am sorry!

  9. I don't know the situation about being left out but I think it stinks! You are most definitely a 2008 momma! We love you!! Thanks for sharing all 3 of your babies with all of us!

    Hugs from Southeast Tennessee!

  10. ='(
    I'm sorry they left you out, unintentional or not. I agree with one of the other comments, there could be a big lesson here for someone. I'll assume that the intentions were heartfelt and quite possibly they didn't know how to handle the situation or want to make you feel sad. But to let them know that you very much were a Mama in 2008 might help for future situations. Not everyone could handle losing a child with as much dignity and grace as you have (present company included!).
    Hugs to you for your sad heart.

  11. You will always be a 2008 mum and you know that. But not to be acknowledged sux.
    I know this is completely different because you gave birth to Joshua, held Joshua,loved Joshua, still love Joshua always.
    I remember back when we were stuggling with infertility issues big time, we were sitting in church on Father's Day. They asked all the dads to stand up. Tim & I just looked at each other then one of the elders said in front of the whole church (about 200, but think only half heard) do you have something to tell us Tim???....
    I'm not sure if I wanted to smack him, cry or runaway and hide.
    Anyway - some people have ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA.
    But we all know the truth and we all know that you are definately a 2008 momma :)
    Lots of luv from me to you xxxx

  12. Oh Susie- I know... The sting in the ache is so easily stirred. I WISH EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD the things we have & are walking through. Although you are uncomfortable with the 'details'
    (i understand- privacy)It is so good that you at least blogged about your "hurting heart".

    Susie Sams:
    ~'Shua's~ 2008 Momma 4-Ever!!!