Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

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It's Not Me Monday again. You may have noticed I didn't get around to it last week. Well, I'll blame it on the fact that I worked on Monday. Never mind that my Monday is actually the US-Sunday... so it's not really an excuse. But anyways!

This week, I most certainly did not:

Make a carrot cake simply because Matt bought cream cheese and I felt the need to "use it up".
I didn't eat half of the cake either. Whoever tells you that has not been watching me struggle to pull up my jeans recently.

I did not encourage my sister to make brownies the other night. I did not eat carrot cake and brownies in the same day.

I do not stand on the scale before each shower willing the scale to say what I want it to say.
I do not kick the scale and reweight myself nearly every time when it says something else.
I do not assume this 2nd weight to be the correct one. In my book the lowest weight is not always the correct weight.

I did not sleep in yesterday morning 3 hours later than normal. I did not enjoy it. I did not go back to sleep several times over that 3 hours, so as to enjoy it longer.

I did not seriously contemplate buying a stroller yesterday when it was on sale, even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

I did not make doublers out of an old towel that was going to the thrift store anyways, thinking "If it doesn't work, I haven't wasted any money."

I did not spend the majority of the weekend trying to decide whether or not to cloth diaper this next baby. I did not spend yesterday evening on reading up on smell elimination, stripping, storage, and newborn diapers. I did not strongly consider CDing from the start, rather than from 1-3 months. The jury is not still out on that one.

I did not realize recently that while I am not a messy housekeeper, I am also not stressed out by mess.
This does not seem ridiculous to me.

I also did not go to the park yesterday with the express purpose of taking photos of my daughter for the blog.
That also does not seem ridiculous.

I am most certainly not showing. Definitely not. Whoever told you that has most certainly not seen me.

I am not struggling to bend over, puffing at the least exertion, or finding standing up from the floor difficult. It is far too early in pregnancy to find those things difficult. I would not be angry if they were happening. Not me.

This concludes my Not Me Monday.

And thank you all for your comments! I love you all too!

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  1. This was certainly a cute post. So much of that stuff is 'not me' either.

  2. Hey Missy Oceana...
    where's those 'ugly shoes'
    your auntie gave you that your mom hates? Ü
    ToOdLeS AgAiN.ShEiLA

  3. Happy 500th post!
    Your blog is amazing. I too don't remember how I even found it but I now check on you regularly. I have been reading since shortly after Joshua was born.
    You write so beautifully and have such a wise spirit. So many people have been blessed by reading your and Joshua's story.

  4. Wow 500 posts! Makes me tired thinking about writing that much, but you seem to do it with such ease. I love how your blog makes me laugh and I'm able to keep in touch through it. And of course all the awesome pictures and videos that bring joy to our family. Thank you, Susie. Love you sweetie!

  5. Alright Susie,

    Not Me Monday..... Hmmmmm I certainly did not find this blog cute and entertaining. :0

    Oceana is getting so big and soooooo adorable.

    Love the pics. What kind of camera do you have? I'm looking for a new one. I think I have worn mine out. We went to the carnival this weekend and I took 126 pics of my great niece. She's a cutie. I can't help myself. :) We were only there for 2 hours. I think I did well at restraining myself from too many pics. LOLOL

    Look forward to seeing a pic of "what's to come".


  6. So excited to see that you are expecting!! You are in my prayers as you enjoy each day of your pregnancy. The stories of hope are such an encouragement.


  7. Hello there! Found your site over at MckMama's...your story is amazing! Congrats on baby #3 and Joshua was a beautiful miracle!! I am an ultrasound tech who can really appreciate your story. And Oceana of course---a doll!

    I've kicked a scale or two before as well! Or I mean, I "haven't" :)

    Blessings on you guys! I have had a few friends in fun! I will be in prayer for your family.

  8. Hi,

    Love ya,

    I read my e-mail, and if I don't hear from you, I go check the blog. When are you writing the book? It'll be a best seller. You and Dad in 2009. I will be the coach.


  9. Hey Sweets. Only got your gift in the mail today, It could, perhaps, get there on Friday, if not, keep and eye out for it on Monday.

  10. I'm curious, what are doublers?