Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Day

Well, I managed. In that hour (and a bit less), we did all the things. She DID sleep. I had to wake her up because she slept longer than the 2 hours of my class. I'm in shock. Here's hoping that today wasn't just a fluke.

*A picture from the same day as the hideous shoes post*

The rest of the week and weekend will be an adventure. Matt's away for 5 days, which leaves me juggling Oceana. It's not normally a problem, but my parents, brother, and sister are away as well. I don't think I'll make it to work tomorrow - I just can't deal with Oceana being in the office. It's not condusive to work for anyone in the office.

And on that note. There's dishes, junk, and laundry to sort out. Byebye...

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  1. Good luck with your day and THE DANCE!! Thinking about you and sending good thoughts your excited about your new blessing..God is good :)

  2. You've been tagged! Check out my blog to play along.

  3. you're too funny about the "hideous shoes"!! I actually don't think they're bad at all... I love Crocs because they're so easy!! :)

  4. Very cute picture! Where is Matt going for 5 days? Praying your days will go smoothly while he is away.