Monday, September 22, 2008

Two thoughts

#1 -- Check out my parents blog. I made them a prayer card (from those pictures I took last week) and finished up the design today. They wanted it as their header on their blog. Very cool idea Dad. 

#2 -- Check out this amazing feat! There is a real, honest-to-goodness hair tie in that child's hair. It stayed in for most of the afternoon yesterday and part of this morning (with a bit of redoing). I've hit the jackpot! I so want her to wear them, but she usually grabs them out. I'm going to try and get Matt to let her pick out some of her "own" on shopping day, perhaps she'll be more inclined to WEAR them, instead of pull them out after 2.5 seconds. 


  1. ADORABLE!!!! Oooooo LaaaLaaa
    Looks like momma found just the right kind huh?!?!? Hows potty training going?

  2. I love the "water fountain" look! My daughter wore it anytime I could get it in her hair, too. Now I usually am able to get something in her hair but, lol, she Still will pull them out sometimes if it's not what she wants! Btw. She's 6!

  3. cute! We too are still working on having the hair ties in for longer than it takes to put them there. After watching me cut her big brother's hair, tonight Bridie came and asked if I could please cut her 'fur' too - a few fake scissor snips and she went away a very satisfied customer. Aren't they such a great age right now?!

  4. Her little ponytail is soo cute!

  5. My girls constantly have ribbons and bows and barrettes in their hair. There is something so sweet about a little girl with a bow :)

    Oceana looks so adorable.... I'd be flicking and twirling and playing with that baby ponytail all day long :)

    Yay for beautiful little blonde haired girls with cute ponytails!!


  6. So cute! Let us know how it works out with her picking her own! My 2 1/2 year old daughter runs away every time we even say "pony tail"

  7. My daughter is a little younger then Oce and she also refuses them. Started putting them in her dolls hair and is now more willing to wear them!

    Can't hurt!


  8. THANKS! Yes I've considered the mailbox but the hat box is a great idea! I wanted to do something Christmas-y but a big wrapped box like a present will look too much like a present ;-)

    I guess I'll just have to frequent craft stores and see if they have anything innovative...ah what about a big stocking? Now I'm just going crazy...