Monday, September 22, 2008

Nothing Noteworthy

Ok, so maybe it's not entirely true. But I've been popping onto my Blogger Dashboard this weekend and every time I see that I have no comments to check, it reminds me I haven't written anything. Well, I guess it's been a busy enough weekend that I didn't want to bother thinking through some bloggable material. 

Well that, and the one thing I did want to blog about....

*Cry with me, I didn't get good pictures*


My friends Jeremy & Lori got married this weekend and I was their wedding coordinator. My job at Marine Reach as Events Coordinator has been shaped much by my experience with weddings and other events. Matt and I had a budget thrifty inexpensive wedding; we planned everything ourselves. When I say everything, I mean, all but the food since my very very very cool father-in-law refused to let us have any part in it, except to say "What do you want?". Bet you didn't have hot wings and meatballs at your wedding! 

Just a month after our wedding, my friend Danielle T. got married and I flew in for the day.I remembered all the stuff that had either gone wrong, or had needed figuring out on the day, and I remembered it all. It also helped that I'd been working in a wedding gown shop for over 6 months by then, and had wedding running in the brain 24-7. All the silly things like - fluffing the petticoats and having safety pins in case the bustle fell down, offering to help the bride pee, and holding all the lipsticks! 

About 9 months later I was in my friend Jessie's wedding, and it reinforced, yet again, those things I needed to know. Everything from decorations to which side those boutonnieres go on. And one of the most important thing - "Please don't freak the bride out 25 minutes before she walks down the aisle!"

Another 5 months later I helped my girlfriend Nesi plan hers - from putting together invitations to sewing her wedding gown, to telling her bridesmaids when to walk - it's just gradually happened. 

And then this year Lori asked me to help out at hers. It was really a great day, I enjoyed it. Of course by the end of the day I was saying, "If I have to cook dinner tonight, I'll scream." Thank goodness for pizza! 

One more thing I've learned recently is this - if I'm going to do this again - Oceana will be babysat. There's far too many variables when Oceana's on the loose. Nothing went wrong, but I can't be worrying about her mucking with stuff, and do my job. 


  1. I bet you did awesome!! Even with a little lady running around. :) Isn't it funny how we just kind of fall into these callings, sometimes.


  2. I am so not cut out to coordinate stuff like that. Equally, I am thankful that I have been married for 14 years and don't plan on doing the whole wedding thing again!

  3. Susie,
    I love your blog. I would have for you to feel like noone loves you!!!! I am a faithful reader! Please never stop. You have an adorable family and sweeet Joshua was such a blessing to us all.
    Mary Ann in Mississippi

  4. With all the assisting friends with wedding preparations... have you ever wanted to be a wedding planner???

    I think it is great that you are there for your friends. Every bride needs a little help on her wedding day. If for nothing else just to keep her from freaking totally.


  5. I'm sure that they were insanely thankful that you were there :)

  6. Sounds like fun!! I love weddings! I understand about the no photos that happens :) Have a super week

  7. I too, love to get comments. We live in what I refer to as the "boondocks". We're about 20-25 minutes from the nearest shopping. Very rural area. Anyway!

    I love weddings! How fun to be able to coordinate them. Sounds like you enjoy being able to share the "love" w/ some lucky bride on her big day. Good for you. That would be one of my dream jobs.

    I also followed your previous post (sorry about not commenting) & went to Verna's site. I'm so glad that they found you.

    Have a great week!

  8. WOW!!! you are not only talented but BRAVE!!!! I would have never thought of taking Josiah to a wedding I had to coordiante but then again I'm told girls are a little less "ALL OVER THE PLACE" than boys! I bet wedding coordinating is fun, almost like planning yours (I mean I know its work but it must be fun too be around such a happy occasion)

  9. I have always wanted to be a wedding planner! Maybe you have some advice for someone who wants to start out?

    Debbie Lionberger
    Dallas City, IL

  10. What fun! I thought for the longest time that I would love to be a wedding planner someday. Then I got married myself and realized how much work it is, lol! It would still be fun to assist though :)

    I bet you did an awesome job!

  11. *SIGH* I would LOVE to be a wedding/events coordinator. I just never got around to it, and there really isn't much call for it up here, I don't think. Adam and I want to re-do our vows next year-in a couple... and I can't wait to organise that.

  12. Just wanted to comment I that I read your blog entertain me =)

    -Allison, NJ

  13. I didn't have meatballs and hotwings, but I did have pizza and salad. It was pretty amazing too!!