Sunday, August 31, 2008

The potty training update

Last week after I posted about how fabulous she was doing she peed. I was like, there we go, I opened my mouth and jinxed it. But the good news is. She gets it! This morning when she woke up her diaper was loaded, but she still sat on the potty and went. And I've been bugging her for the last 3 hours. Do you need to go potty? Do you need to sit on the potty? Can we got sit on the potty? Come with Mommy to the potty? And then all of a sudden she announced she needed to go and made it. Ok, I'm relieved. I hope that this is going to keep going.

And I'm so glad we're past the coldest part of winter, it's been pleasant this last week - perfect for a half-naked baby running through the house in her Princess undies.

Just now she was standing in front of the big mirror in her undies and red hat, singing "You are my Sunshine" to herself.

She's just informed me, "I not go Nigh-nighs". Ha! Wait till naptime kiddo, Oh yes you are!

There's a question, how did potty training go for you in regards to naps? She still needs her naps, but I'm not brave enough to put her to bed without a diaper. Do I get her to go before and after, and then when she seems to go several days without going during nap, try the undies?

Nightime is still going to be a while, but anyone remember how long it was between Daytime trained and Nighttime trained?


  1. Hi Susie,
    I have two girls that are 17 months apart, so I have some experience in this department! Mine were daytime trained really well and a couple of months later they decided they didn't want to sleep in a diaper. It scared me to death, but I let them try it and they did great. I bought a waterproof pad and put it under them with a towel so that if they had an accident I wouldn't have to change sheets during the night! Hope this helps! She'll get it!

  2. My daughter "got" it right away in regards to daytime potty training. I did still put her in pull ups for naps because like Oce my SG couldn't go through the night! It wasn't very long during the day that I left her in pull ups though.

    Okay. Night time. Not to discourage you but SG was daytime potty trained around 18 months but then it took her until she was almost 4 for her to even have any dryness @ night! She was great during the day though. Lots of fluids before 6pm & then nothing after that. Good luck!

  3. Take her before and after and use the thicker training underwear for nap time with a pair of plastic pants.

    Depends on the kids as far as night time goes if she is a hard sleeper it might be a while.

  4. My oldest was potty trained in two weeks and never had an accident at night. However, I know this is not the norm. My younger (by 16 months) took two months to potty train and then another year to night train. I agree with Lori...depends on how hard of a sleeper they are; the deeper they sleep the longer it takes to train.

  5. Pull ups are really a great option for nap time and night time. Before his mother eliminated M's naps, I would make him go before and after nap, but he wore a pull up just in case. If he didn't wet the pull up I would use it again for bed time. He's 4, so we still use Goodnight pull ups (they look like underwear almost) for night time. Sometime's he wakes up totally dry, and sometimes he wakes up soaked. We've also tried to say no drinks after 6:30/7pm.
    Good luck! Sounds like Oce is taking charge. :)

  6. I love how she sings!!! I wish I could be there to sing with her...oh how I love to sing too! I think the warmer months are the easier time too as there is less clothing to deal with. I worked in the summer months with both mine. Good girl, Oceana! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Susie,

    My youngest is in the middle of the process right now. She is potty trained during the day. I have her go right before her nap and as soon as she gets up she goes and that is going well. As for night time - we do pull ups. She wakes up in the morning soaking wet so I know we are not ready for overnight. In time I figure that will come. She is responsible to do it all herself as well - put it on at night when she puts her PJ's on and change into her undies in the morning when she gets dressed in the morning. Same as going pee in between - I am not good at training myself to make sure she goes! My kids all trained late but they did it themselves without me training myself to take them every so often! I don't have the time nor the desire to do that! When they were ready they did it all themselves! My oldest had maybe one accident!?!?! My second had maybe one or two!?!?! Unfortunately, the youngest has had quite a few but we deal with it!

    I can't remember with the older two how long it was between day time and night time training - I don't think it was too long!?!?!?

    Love you guys!!!


  8. We started out using diapers for naptime, but after he mastered daytime, I quit doing that and he was fine. Night time happened soon after; he just started getting up to pee all by himself. I got off pretty lucky, I guess. My advice is just to try it some time and see what happens. If she wets, she's not ready, and if she's dry, keep going.

    We used training pants for daytime and naptime, and I like them a LOT better than pullups because they were basically padded underwear. A Pullup is basically a diaper with no tabs. I didn't trust the training pants for nighttime, though, which is why we used pullups.

  9. My children are way past the potty training age, but I'm now training my great niece who is 2 1/2. The nap is a tricky thing, but... once they know that the undies feel "ucky" wet they get it. What we did was put a garbage bag under the sheet where she laid for her nap. If she had an accident, no biggy, if not.... LOTS of HUGS and KISSES and stickers. :) on our way to the potty chair. :) I believe in keeping their "pretty undies" on them during this time. You give them the idea you are confident that they are going to wake up dry. Oh yeah, before putting them down, make sure they go potty first and very, very little to drink if any within the hour before nappie time. Your doing a super job mom...... Hang in there.

  10. I have 4 kids, i didn't start potty training untill they will wake up with dry diaperst hey were almost 3yr. olds.

  11. Well, my little girl will be 3 in November. She has been potty trained "mostly" for about 5 months. (She only poops on the potty about 25%of the time!!!GRRRRR) I bought some waterproof pants and pull ups for nap time and bedtime. (You could just use the waterproof pants over her underpants but they;re not as absorbant as pull ups so the wetness might wake her up) Oh, and we bought generic pull ups. I put one on her and I make her sleep in a onesie otherwise she takes it all off and falls asleep naked and pees...or worse! She doesn't get the night time thing at all, but it doesn't bother me at all. 2 pull ups a day is no big deal....and it's way better than changing the sheets twice a day. After she turns 3 I'll pressure her more about it...but one thing at a time.

  12. For nap time, we've put our kids in their undies and then put pull ups over them. That way, if they went while sleeping it didn't leak all over the bed, but they *knew* that they went potty while sleeping (because would wake up with wet undies, as opposed to the pull up absobing most of the wetness). It worked pretty dang well for our two kids.

  13. You are a much better mommy than I was. My daughter was 3 1/2 by the time she actively used the potty, although when she finally did, no diapers, no accidents. She is almost 7, and never an accident. I hated waiting, but for us, somehow we lucked out with no accidents. It took her another couple weeks to figure out nighttime. She was much older than Oceana, so that probably has a lot to do with it. GOOD LUCK! I will need to keep up on this potty training thing on your blog, because my son will be 3 next week, and he has ZERO interest in the potty. YIKES!

  14. Hi Susie, I know its been a LONG time but you can imagine how crazy it gets after the funeral & trying to keep on living. I know It has been almost 2 months now since My Elijah went to be with Jesus and even longer since Joshua went too! I now know how hard it is to live with and emptiness in a mommy's heart but we are walking forward and still giving God ALL the honor due His name for the beautiful gift of our boys right?!?!?! I hope you will thank everyone for me on your blog for the comments we recieved. Steve & I are a little more on track and I will be blogging a little more often. ALL OUR LOVE STEVE, MARIE, KAYLA & JOSIAH

  15. Well, my fourth child turned two on June first and like the other three, he is now potty trained. I went with the diaper off right away. For naps, I made sure they went before (hold off the liquids or it doesn't matter how many times they will go!)and I put either a waterproof or a thick towel, folded over, under their bum. Sure, we had a few accidents, but all of them were out of day and night diapers by age 2 and a few months. They are two boys and two girls, so gender doesn't matter : ) And I went right away without diaper at night too. I heard so many people who had kids diaper free during the day but who had to had diapers until they were 4 that I did NOT want that to happen. Again, a few accidents but it is amazing how quickly they catch on and how proud they are about their accomplishments!
    My advice: persevere! And no half measures: skip the pull ups and that stuff, as it just confuses them. Blessings,
    Jessica in Italy