Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unspectacular Me

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My Six UN-Spectacular Quirks:

1. I lived on a dairy farm for 7 months, but wasn't supposed to be in the barn - my uncle was sure I'd break something.

2. In 8th grade I didn't do a lot of schoolwork. I learned to paint and wallpaper instead.

3. I failed Algebra 1 (It wasn't in 8th grade, just FYI)

4. I've been nicknamed Sushi, Goose, Skunk, and Lizard.

5. I have four stitches in the bottom of my right foot, 2nd toe - but I don't know what I cut myself on. My friends and siblings searched the yard but didn't find anything sharp enough to cut me.

6. I lack the level patience that I think is necessary as a parent. But I endeavor to be more patient. In fact my mother renamed me when I was 17 - Susan Christina "Patience". She said it was a hint.

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  1. heyyy!! i am so glad you all are home safe and sound and had a wonderful time, the pictures are great!!