Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Oce Infused Post

Oceana kissing her Baboo with a sticker on her mouth. Because that's a perfectly logical thing to do. Baboo doesn't mind though.

Oce having a chat with Narella (From Australia) on the aft deck (ie. Back deck).

It was windy, so that's why my mother doesn't look thrilled. Oceana however was simply not happy about the "Sc'a me" waves. None too happy. And she hated her lifejacket with a vengeance. Hmmm... Not sure why.

This is how we spent the first sail (4 hours) with blankets and a few pillows. See the Cinderella pillowcase again. The rocking puts you right to sleep. We put a lanyard through her lifejacket in case I fell asleep and she rolled. I slept with the lanyard wrapped around my arm. Neither of us got sick. Woot!
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  1. She is cute! What an adventure for her... :^)