Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Samoa Part 3

This is Oceana on the first morning. Looks wide awake doesn't she? That's Jen - Oceana loves Jen. Like, talk about her for months, "Jen on da boat" kind of obsessive. But it's okay, coz Jen loves her too.

There we are. No, we're not that big red one. We're the teeny one in front of it. To be fair, the red one is a container ship and is relatively enormous, but we're on 37m long.

Matt helping people with reading glasses. Tattoo looks good, huh?
Matt did reading glasses for four days the first week, I did the fifth. It was a kool experience - especially if people never owned reading glasses. It's so sad to hear a little old lady say, I can't read the Bible anymore. And all they needed were a pair of +2:00 reading glasses. One amazing thing we kept running into was people in their 60s and 70s who had 20/20 vision! It was crazy, sometimes they would squint tiny bit to see the tiniest (Bible size) words. WHAT? My parents are in their 40s-50s and they need strong reading glasses! Not sure what's up with that anomaly! Something about having tiny pupils and small "aperature" openings. Whatever... Strange to see nonetheless.

Our home ****ETA - only me and Oce, Matt was in the men's berths*** for 2 weeks. Nope, wish I was kidding. The bed is built into the side of the curve of the bow, so the bed actually is about a foot across at the base, and a very thin cot/stretcher width at the top. It's built up off the ground, so there's a storage area and a desk built into the wall - Oce slept under the desk - under the storage area was too difficult. (She fell asleep on my bed, and I had to move her. I couldn't get her underneath the bed like that). I brought the Cinderella pillowcase all the way there so she had something from home. That was a good call - if you ever need to do a "bring somethign from home" a pillowcase is still "my pillow" on a random guest pillow.

Oh, and what saved me in the night? Jonah (The Veggie Tales Movie) on a laptop. I put it on the desk and dozed. Every few minutes I'd try the "Wanna go ni-nights?". At least I did it when I could. Sometimes she'd get into this, "No, Mommy no lay down". AK! WHAT? She doesnt' want me to lay down? Like, hysterics if I try to lay down on my own??? WHAT?
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  1. wow, thats incredible. I'd hurt someone if i had so sleep on a bed that little with anyone else! But then, i'm a bed hog and a blanket thief too! lol

  2. Lindsay Bloom, Fort Wayne, INAugust 12, 2008 at 7:10 PM

    Ha ha... Jonah has been a life saver for me as well with my 2-year old :)

  3. What an incredible picture of Matt...and yes the tattoo looks good. The look of compassion on his face is breathtaking...thanks for that. I pray that Oceana is better and that the car situation will be resolved soon. Love you and miss you all more than you know!

  4. By the way...jealous of Jen. Wish I could be there with Oceana loving on her as only Gramma can!

  5. So did Matt sleep up there too? I just can't imagine 2 people sleeping up there on that itty bitty bed.