Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paul Wesley Green

I forgot to check the Green's Caring Bridge site, because it's not a blog and it's not on my reader. Oops.

Paul was born yesterday (or the day before, I'm a bit fuzzy on that) and turns out his cele's much smaller than expected. It was removed in surgery today, and there's talk of him going home as early as Tuesday!

Praise God!

No pictures yet, but it sounds like his skull formed similarly to Joshua's, and he has blonde hair.
He's a teeny fellow - 5lbs, 6oz.


  1. Please check Paul's latest update. He has not woken up from the surgery and when they tried to remove the vent he stopped breathing. They may have to make a decision to let him go if tomorrow does not go well again. They are asking for prayer.

  2. he is not doing well at all...

  3. Check it today. He has eaten and doing well according to what I read.