Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oceana at 8am

There no music on. There hasn't been all morning.

She's dancing and running, and singing....

"How gate's ah God, sing'a how gate's ah God"

Over and over again.

In case you needed translation it's Chris Tomlin's "How Great is Our God".


  1. how cute!!! and what an amazing song!!! love it!! :)

  2. Nice! Happy and praising first thing in the morning. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do that without the music to prompt us?

    P.S. Welcome home! I was checking your blog all last weekend cause I was a bit fuzzy on when you'd be getting back, glad to have blogs to read again, while you were gone I just started reading all the ones on your list :)

  3. Makes my heart melt to hear little ones singing praise (without inhibition) to God! How awesome!

  4. Isn't that just the best!! It brings tears to my eyes when my children sing praises to God.

    And like Oceana displayed - it's like it just overflows from their hearts and they are too pure and innocent to think of ever stopping it.


  5. That is so sweet... it just melts my heart when i hear the boys singing songs to God.


  6. That's awesome! Worship leader of the future??? Maybe just worshipper. I take it she's feeling better. On the way to the airport in January she was in the back of the car swaying to the music Matt was playing and calling to me "Tana, Tana!!" When I turned around she was smiling and dancing in her carseat to the music. Awesome!!! To be like a child....

  7. That's precious and beautiful!

  8. i just wanted to tell you when i read this, i could hear MY 2-year-old daughter singing that song!
    so, i wanted to share with you...her favorite song right now is He Reigns (newsboys) - her version is "holy moly halluhlooah He reigns"

    i love that even at 2, these kiddos praise God the way they do - so precious!

    amy (babyfit nov05 - amys3blessings