Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It's finally time for Wordless Wednesday with a Twist, over at American Mum's blog. I say finally, because she moved a few weeks ago, so WWWAT fell to the wayside in the midst of that chaos.

But I have to admit that when Rachel announced the theme, I was apprehensive. You see, for the most part, all of the WWWAT'ers are in the North American continent. And now that she's moved home, even American Mum is back in the USofA.

See, I'm the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. And so a theme called, "Summertime/July" strikes fear in my heart. So with that said, here's My Personal Take on July. I won't call it Summertime, coz... well... I can't. I'm writing this with two shirts, a polar fleece jacket, and jeans on. Obviously Summertime would be beyond irony.

July for me is termed up in one phrase. "I hate laundry". You see, in NZ it's kind of unusual to own a drier, and besides, it's expensive to run. So in NZ, where snow (in my area) is a not-happening, you deal with rain. Days upon days of rain. That means the laundry piles up and piles up and then I do half a dozen loads in one day to get caught up.

Yesterday we didn't have enough line space, so we had the drying rack out too.

NZ clothespinspegs make me laugh. I'm used to those little squeezy-wooden ones. But these are kool to.

Laundry is everywhere! Here's one of Oce's pile, ready to make a trip up to her dresser.

Sweatshirts, runny noses, jeans and a bit of cabin fever. I love playing with pegs on a clothes rack.

This is the pile of clean laundry. That's not all of it. And it all needed folding. Imagine my excitement when I came home to find it all folded! I had to stop from jumping up and down.

Sheepies and sleepers. Is that girl gorgeous OR WHAT?

I heart footed sleepers. They are awesome! Can you tell by the pilling that she wears this sleeper constantly? It's only 4 months old.

Wellies, rain boots, or gummies - gumboots are a staple. You need boots so you don't spend the whole winter drying out baby shoes!

Lots of cuddles. They keep you warm you know!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I totally think its cool that you call those boots gummies...hee hee:) And I remember the days of curling up in those 'jammies with feet! I wish I could find some now! lol:)
    and the laundry? Don't you wish it would fold itself????
    Cute pic of you and Oceana!

  2. Footy pj's are the best. I love seeing my kids with their little butts running around the house in them :) All of ours are pilly to from the love.

    I have serious issues with the outdoor drying of clothes. It stems from spiders hiding in clothespins and wasps in the laundry line holder. Plus, I like soft and pretty smelling - I don't understand the line "Oh, they smell like sunshine!" (I think that's hogwash. How's that for opinionated?!)

    But I would indeed get over it if I lived in NZ!! Yay for a day when you can get the clothes all the way dry!! :)

    Yay that this comment is FINALLY over! :)

  3. I don't have a dryer, either (UK - tiny flat), but we have a
    retractable clothes-line (as in this picture: that goes over the bath, so we can do our laundry in any weather.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, last summer in England was a non-summer. Cold, rainy, and no sun. I'm glad you participated even though it's not summer. It's cool to see another person's July. Oceana is too cute!

    By the way, is gummies or wellies the term used most in NZ? In the UK, we use wellies. And I made sure to pack mine when I came home. Although I'm not quite sure what I'll use them for in NC! :)

    Happy WWWAT!

  5. I love the picture of the rainboots and the mounds of laundry made me laugh. I don't mind doing laundry, but I HATE putting it away!! And I agree, footie PJ's are the best! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Footsie PJs and Rubber boots...and clothes dried in the sunshine! Those bring back great memories! I miss having a clothes line I can hang clothes outside on...

  7. Oh, i dont like laundry either. I actually have a pile that has been sitting for a few days that really need to be folded..oh well, its going to wait a while longer.
    I hope your staying dry today.

  8. Hey, hat looks like MY laundry! I'm so glad I'm not alone, haha.

    You know, sometimes I forget that there's a whole part of the world right now basically experiencing winter instead of balmy 90 degree days. You did a great job capturing a piece of that to share with us!

  9. Oceana is just adorable! I love her bright blond hair, so so pretty!

    We love footed sleepers over here too- usually with onesies underneath in the winter because it gets sooo cold here in Ohio. The pilling just means is so well loved, ours are too!

  10. Your little girl is ADORABLE!! Those are great pictures! I have never really though of July not being summertime (I knew the info from school), but never really saw it.
    Love the footie pj's my kids snuggle in them in the winter!

  11. Your daughter is beautiful. Love all the pictures. Nice to see some cooler weather pictures in, what we are having here, a balmy summer!
    Love footie pj's my kids wear them all winter. They are great to snuggle in!

  12. I love it!
    Oceana is so sweet :)
    As much as I love hang drying clothes, I know that I would get really tired of not having a dryer in the rainy season when it's always cold and wet. Props to you for getting it all done :)
    Happy WWWAT!

  13. Actually when I picked the theme this time I picked "july" thinking of you down there in your winter lol. I am glad you participated - cute pics!

  14. I certaintly did not know some of those facts about NZ, I learn something everyday.

    I loved the pictures and although I think footed PJ's are beyond adorable I hated wearing them as a child. LOL

  15. I could never live there -- no dryer!! eeek!!! I'm doing laundry now and love the smell that wafts in from outside of the fabric softener. Although I could so totally go for the laundry fairy that folded your clothes for you! I need that now -- my guest room bed is piled high!

  16. Love all the photos and I agree, I love footed pj's, there's nothing like seeing your little ones wearing them :)

  17. I'm always jealous of you southern hemisphere'ers lol! because when we're all cold, you're all not! but this post did help me put it all in perspective :) however, it'll only be a couple more months before i start getting green again...

  18. Great Pictures! Wow, it is winter in NZ, isn't? We, I at least, never really think about the season difference, here in the States.

    My sons could not stand their feet being trapped in those jammies; I had to cut them off to get them to wear them. Must have been some kind of feet suffication issue?? LOL!

  19. I can NOT imagine not having a Drier! ESPECIALLY in the winter!
    Oceana is beautiful!

  20. Oceana IS so beautiful :) I love drying clothes outside, especially my sheets, there is nothing like that smell.

  21. Stefanie HarriffJuly 16, 2008 at 3:32 PM

    I would dry stuff outside if I could because of the cost, so I'm jealous on that one! We have so many trees that drop stuff everywhere, and we share a yard with 14 other townhomes, so not having the whole world see our stuff would be kind of hard. My garage sale hopeful is a drying rack this summer, of course it would end up in the middle of the kitchen as my laundry is in a closet in my dining room, it's fun having people over with the dirty towel pile on the dining room floor :)

    Oh, and footy pajamas! Penny's had them for adults last Christmas, it was so strange to see ones that big, but it was tempting, it would mean we could turn the heat down, but I doubt I could get Adam to go for wearing those :)

  22. Your pictures are great! I'm glad you got involved even though its cold there. But just remember, when we're freezing our tails off in upstate NY, you'll be nice and warm and toasty!

  23. Question? I want to start hanging more of our laundry outside so we can save on energy as well. do you get your clothes to stay soft after they dry?

    Have you ever heard of the website
    If not, she has tons of great money saving tips AND recipes. :)


    Baton Rouge, LA

  24. I love footy pajama's! Love the pictures!

  25. I read more than one blog, from down your way. So I'm familiar with this difference. It's always amazing to read about the differences in what's going on, though. :-)

    You showed your July!~ 'Tis fine.

    And ohhhh, to come home to folded laundry. I so hate to fold laundry. You'd think that after nearly 50 years of marriage, I'd be used to it, hu? Nahhhhhhhhhh... :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  26. The footie pjs are so sweet. I guess a summertime theme doesn't work so well if you live in NZ, huh?

    Your daughter is so sweet, Susie, so beautiful. I love the picture of you two cuddling.

    Hope your Wednesday was blessed!

  27. Yikes, that IS a lot of laundry! I think those footed PJ's are one of the best parts of winter! :)

  28. Yes, the pjs! I remember wearing those! She is beautiful. And laundry... I'M RIGHT THERE with you. Blah... in fact, better get back to it now...


  29. sorry you are all bundled up while we're flaunting our 90 + degree sunshine! i LOVE LOVE LOVE clotheslines and drying them outside. and to those who say it makes them stiff, i say that's better and easier to fold them then!

  30. Love that last picture... totally priceless!

  31. OOOH I soo relate with this post. Love the PJs and the snuggles...laundry, not so much!

  32. Love the footed jammies, but in 6 months I want to see some summer pics!

  33. Girl, I am totally moving in with you. I am SO stinkin' hot right now!

    Love your pictures (and totally It's Real Life too!) Lovin' that.

  34. Susie-i followed your link over from AmericanMum and caught myself up with your journey...much to the chagrin of my daughter who is still in her highchair. ;-)

    You have shown amazing strength & courage...your spirit shines the light of God. I am better to "know" you & the journey that you & your family have traveled.

    I look forward to continuing to get to know you through blogging.

  35. Winter in July... that is the stuff my dreams are made of so 1 day a week I turn the air down to 65 and put my sweats on. Just don't tell my husband.