Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogland Thee Hast Been Neglected

Okay. So, it's been a long week. I exercised a lot this week. Ouch. And didn't lose any weight. Grrr.

But aside from that, I realized how much I really love to dance. It was a fantastic week, but I have gone to bed before 11 two or three nights in a row now! Let's track back to April and May when I couldn't go to sleep before 1am because I'd have panic attacks. My theory was that if I was exhausted I wouldn't have attacks. Well, I'm still exhausted, it's just coming three hours earlier than it used to!

At least exhaustion looks good on me, right? Oh stop commenting you silly Bloglanders! I wasn't after comments! Course, I'll still publish them. Coz I'm silly like that. Havie took this picture - pretty good job for someone who doesn't know what she's doing!

Tonight Oce helped me make Bangers and Mash. Take a moment. What does that mean? Oceana helped me - a la A Baker's Dozen style. She often (OFTEN) has her children in the kitchen helping. It keeps Oce busy, and it "helps Momma" or at least that's what I tell her. I'd rather that she felt she peeled too many potatoes than get somewhere at 18 and not know how. Yes, I really have met kids who hadn't peeled potatoes before (one girl was 22 or 23!). She did a good job! She pulled the peeler back too quickly a few times and when I asked, "Are you alright?", her answer was, "Yeeeah, I'm fine Mummy".

This weekend I have the privilege to meet another mother who lost her son to an encephalocele. I'm excited, but really apprhensive too. I'm worried that it's going to be too real.

More later, I've been taking more pictures lately. So you'll be happy about that right? Somebody commented last week that they were missing the Oce-pix. I'm happy to oblige!

Oh, and Bangers and Mash? Sausages in brown gravy over mashed potatoes.
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  1. I love bangers and mash, it's SO good.

    It's a great thing to have your little one help you in the kitchen, my kids often do and they love it :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. What an awesome and cute little helper you have! I love how little ones talk too :)

    BTW, I never peeled potatoes til I got married at 21. lol
    I still can't peel an apple the way my mom used to and it bugs me to no end- mostly because I love the peel in one big piece!

  3. Did you get my email. Wondering as I dint get an reply.


  4. What a cutie! Just makes we wanna kiss those cute little cheeks!

  5. What a sweet picture of Oceana (and of you too!). How cute that she helps with dinner.
    Anyway, goodluck this weekend. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Even if it's close to home, it'll be good.

  6. Now I know it's REALLY a small world! The Baker's Dozen blog is one I read too (and have for quite a while). In fact, momma of the Baker's Dozen lives in the same town as I do.

    "it's a world of laughter, a world of tears; its a world of hopes, its a world of fear; there's so much that we share; that it's time we're aware
    it's a small world after all"

    Great - now that song is stuck in my head! :)

    Nicci from Bellingham

  7. Good picture of you and of Oceana. I used to love little helpers in the much fun spending time together and teaching at the same time. Have I told you lately what a wonderful mother you are? Love you and thanking God for the blessing you are to my son, grandaughter, grandson, and most of all to me!