Thursday, July 24, 2008

The traffic is low

Or so it feels these days. I know you're still reading. I'm just noticing a slow-down around here.
It's expected. You were following Joshua. And in the "aftermath" you read a lot too. But now I must be going through a phase. An unexciting-nothing-to-post phase.

Well, I apologise for myself now, when I get back from Samoa I'll probably blather on for days.
But in the meantime, here's a few pictures.

NZ chips. That's in paper and then wrapped in newsprint. Those chips are the size of my fingers.

They're not healthy. Don't worry.

Remember when I went to this shower. This is the resulting cutie-pie! Gabriella Hannah.
Oce thinks her name is Gabry-Rella.

At the dance program last week the kids earned "PowerZone Dollars" when they did stuff well or won games. At the end of the week they could go to the PZ Store and buy stuff. This is the result.

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  1. The chips look yummy even at this time in the morning! that is a great idea with the tickets, i am a youth worker and i might borrow that idea off you! - still checking in on you guys daily ~ Barb from Melb. ;0) keep posting!

  2. Still reading. Keep posting!

  3. Well, slow down or not. I'm still visiting. I enjoy hearing about your New Zealand life. So what is in Somoa? I've not been there. Hawaii and Guam but no more than that. Have a wonderful trip and a safe one.
    God Bless

  4. Hello lovely. I'll miss you while you're away. I come here several times a day (but I'm sure you know that *grin*) but sometimes I just think that adding my two cents is irrelivant. Sometimes I just nod and smile and feel sad, or whatever. Next time, I'll write those things down, so you don't feel neglected, and I'm still here in the aftermath loving you and praing for you and caring what you have to say.

  5. I'm still reading! I have you on my bloglines subscription. If I don't have time to read everything I'm subscribed to, you and one other are the ones I MUST read!

    So no worries about losing me - you're stuck =)

  6. I just wanted you to know that I still check your blog at least once daily. I think you seem to be such a sweet mother & person in general! I find your stories, pictures & family very interesting & I really enjoy your writing! I say keep it up & I will keep reading!
    Emily in Mississippi

  7. I'd make short work of those NZ chips. Especially since they aren't healthy ;) Who would want to eat healthy fries?! Gross!

    Have fun in Samoa! Looking forward to the blather :)


  8. Just wanted to tell you to keep posting even though traffic is low :) Have fun in Samoa(??not sure if thats the spelling.)

  9. I'm still reading and praying and thinking for you guys!
    You really have been a blessing to me...

  10. Stefanie HarriffJuly 24, 2008 at 8:09 PM

    I'm still reading, I checked twice today wondering why it had been so long since you'd posted. :)

  11. I'm still reading - I'm subscribed via boglines and your blog is always a joy to click on, whether it be about housework (I make a lot of those kind of posts myself lol) or Oceana or Joshua and whatever else you are up to :)

  12. I still check every day. Keep posting.

    I like reading about New Zealand....I really want to visit there one day. (The fact that I'm obsessed with the LOTR movies doesn't hurt either!) I like hearing about your ministry. You have a fun, entertaining writing style that is very appealing.

    Keep writing. We're still here.

    :) Karen in TN

  13. Okay, this is my life line to you and I miss you when you don't post. But that's okay. I understand that things slow down. Considering the pace of the last year, this is a turtle's pace. Hoping you have a wonderful trip to Samoa and that you will have lots of stories and pictures when you return. We'll be praying for you!!!

  14. so maybe now people are checking in 1 or 2 times a day, instead of 3 or 4? But wow - have you seen where those people are coming from? You are touching people ALL OVER THE WORLD!! just now I see Maryland, Melbourne, London, Nth Carolina, Adelaide, Nth Dakota, New York, not to mention NZ. And don't forget those newspaper and Magazine articles - sometimes I feel like a stalker!

  15. I think we all go through these time in blogland where its slow. I know my blog has been slow lately.
    Hope your having a great day.

  16. The PZ Store is a great idea. We use Bible Bucks for our Wednesday night Kid's group and they get to use their "money" shortly before Christmas to buy things for their families and friends. Last year was the first year we did it and it worked great!

  17. I totally feel you on this one! There are so many days that I desperately want something funny or poignant to discuss, and theres nothing. Anyway, sometimes it's nice for a bit of a slow down :)

  18. Hey Susie,

    I come and visit every morning to see how you are doing. I don't always leave a comment because sometimes I feel I am being repetitious. I did follow Joshua's story while holding my breath each day. But, he brought you to me, so I always visit. I will be better at commenting, even if just to say "Hugs", although I hate those kind of comments.:) So maybe something like Hugs, I love you and am praying for you each day, hoping your days are becoming more gentle and full of joy. Have a wonderful trip and take plenty of pictures. Be safe and enjoy this time.

    Love you, Laurie in Ca.

  19. Susie,

    I still love your blog. It is the first one I check every morning. I so enjoy your humor, wit, and daily ramblings. I also love the pics of your precious Oceana. Keep it up! Your blog has been a blessing and an inspiration and I have recommended it to several of my friends.


  20. I'm still reading. :) You're right - I started reading here because of Joshua. I keep reading here because of you. I've never held my children (we've had 4 miscarriages, one with twins), and sometimes I wonder how I can be whole again. Then I "see" what God is doing in you, after having to let Joshua leave this planet, and it gives me hope. SO I keep on coming back. :) Thank you for sharing yourself.

  21. I'm here, I've been here a long time and not sure if i've posted. But I'm from Canada, near Vancouver, BC. Love your blog, love your pics and love your babies. My sons name is Joshua too.


  22. I've been reading for a while, not sure if I've ever posted! But, I check in every day and throughly enjoy your posts. The story of your family is amazing and I love reading your blog!!

    Keep posting, we'll keep reading!


  23. Hi there!

    I've been reading for a long time, and I still check in every day. Hmmmm not sure if I've ever posted a comment before. Sorry for lurking :-)

    Your blog is great and your sweet little family is amazing!! Keep posting... we'll keep reading!

    Be Blessed!

  24. I check every other day or so .. but I'm still reading! :)

    Love from Trinidad!

  25. Susie,
    We are crazy busy until September, then again until September next year!

    Just wanted to stop to say, that we all did read to follow Joshua, God wanted us to know him. However we bloglanders just as much read to witness your beautiful mommy self maturing through the moment that was Joshua and is Joshua, Oce, and Jesus shining through an open, willing, and wise servant.

    bree from BF :)

  26. Susie~

    Well Girl you are STUCK with me! I started reading because of your precious Joshua, but now I am hooked on you, your family and your missions. I check your blog to see if you have posted anything new EVERYDAY! I think and pray for you and your family everyday. Keep writing and we will keep reading!

    Jennifer Bray Spokane Valley, WA,USA

  27. Still reading in WA. Things got busy for a bit while we readied the family for hubbies deployment but I'm still popping in when I can catch up on the blogs that I stalk. :) God bless!

  28. Well, I am a new reader - so you are not only keeping old ones, but getting new ones too! I read your previous posts and cried, and read your more recent ones, and am really excited about your adventure.

    My wife and I are both youth workers, and recently one of our young people completed a year out with YWAM - so we are endebted to people like you who made huge changes in her life!

    The Broken man