Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Hair Color *ETA*

Most of us have tried it at one time or another - coloring our hair at home. I've never had it done professionally; instead I color mine at home. That's not to say that I do it very often. I've only colored the whole thing on half a dozen occasions - like before my prom, when I was at university, before my wedding, and before my graduation. More often I put highlites in my hair.

A few weeks ago my friend mentioned she bought a highlighting kit and wanted me to help her. I was more than willing, but a bit worried since she's Fijian and has very different hair than my sisters and I. Nesi has very dark, very thick, very coarse hair. Which is exactly opposite of me. It doesn't take me long to highlight my hair, because there simply isn't much to it.

I thought of Nesi this morning, and realized that since I'll be flying to Samoa on Saturday for two weeks, and she's due to have her baby boy in three weeks, this week was our last chance to do it. *I think the idea was to have highlights before baby was born)*.

***Note: Spare me the "you shouldn't have colored a pregnant woman's hair" comments. Please!***

I gave Nesi and call and would you believe she was sitting at her dining room table mixing the kit and cutting out foils? Havie and I got dressed quickly and ran out the door for Nesi's house. It took us two hours to complete her foils and wash them out. It would have gone quicker, but there weren't any gloves (again, spare me) and it was killing my hands!

I'm a chronic nailbiter (spare me) and I also had some cuts and dry skin on my hands. After an hour and I was nearly biting my lip to keep going. We started alternating - Havie and I - and finally finished her hair. It came out bright - orange-ish streaks in fact, but that's what she wanted!

I'll do just about anything for Nesi. I love that girl!!!! I helped her plan her wedding. I sewed her wedding gown. I threw her baby shower. And I offered to be her doula, if she wanted one. I'm on the "Sweetie, we're going to the hospital, call these people" list - right before the midwife's number. Hahaha! I had a laugh over that one!

***ETA: Ok. So I should have just kept my mouth shut about not using gloves. But just so you won't do it in the future, thinking "Well, Susie did it, and she was fine." - I'm not fine. Let's just say I was on the phone with my (nursing school attendee) sister saying, "Ok, so what are the symptoms of chemical burns?" Yeah, that's right. Chemical burns. I thought perhaps they were a bit burned, and then I plunged my hands in the hot sinkful of dishes and learned - they were. Don't bleach hair without gloves. Dry, cracking, edema, redness, and minor pain. And I can't complain, because it's a Darwin Award type injury.***


  1. We've all been down that road before with the home hi-lites. I did mine when I was younger and had to have mine "professionally fixed." Now I have a license to do hair but there is a simple fix if she doesn't want the orangey tint - go to the store and get another color like a blonde-gold color and put it on there for just a few minutes (5-10 at the most) and that will "tone" the orange out of of it. You are the sweetest friend for helping - love to have someone like you here in Virginia!!!

  2. I've colored my hair BRIGHT RED throughout all of my pregnancies.

    Those would be SOME roots if I didn't!

    Your poor hands! But, it sure sounds like a fun time!

    Go, Nesi!!


  3. I always wanted to highlight my hair but am too chicken to try it :p
    I bite my nails to (katy hangs her head in shame lol) and I can just feel your pain! Ouch!

  4. Um, you really shouldn't color your hair when you are pregnant..
    And if you are coloring someone's hair and using chemicals, you should really wear gloves...
    and ya know, biting your nails is really bad!!!!!!! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely day!!!!
    A lurker, from Dallas.

  5. Anonymous, that's a rather outdated view, so I'm sure you'll be happy to update your knowledge about hairdye when I assure you that it is mostly the fumes that cause concern, and ALL people, pregnant or not, should make sure they are in a well ventilated area when they are chemically treating their hair. :)

  6. Oh dear.... you are so sweet for helping. Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do even when we're pregnant. :) Plus, the hands..... I feel your pain. Make sure you take care of them. It make take a little while to heal though. Talking from experience. :(

  7. You sound like a great friend, Susie. Nesi is very lucky :)

    To the "lurker from Dallas", check out this link:

  8. I hope your feeling better soon.

  9. poor thing! that sounds painful!

  10. No negative comments here..I know LOTS of pregnant women that have colored or permed their hair and their docs said it was fine as long as it was well ventilated area. Its prefectly fine to do.

    Oh and as for the hands lol. Well, I burned mine chopping up tons of jalepenos and tomatos one year for home made salsa...and I mean we made jars and jars of it and I'd never had a problem in the past...but tomatos have acid..gets rid of the natural oils and blah blah. lol

  11. I asked my OB (who was a woman and also pregnant) while I was pregnant if it was okay to color my hair. And she said "I have an appointment this I hope so!" Always a good idea to make sure you have proper ventilation...but really, even a good idea when you aren't pregnant!

  12. Praying for a healing for your hands.

  13. Hope your hands are feeling better today!

  14. There is another little boy due to be born within the next couple of weeks. Paul also has a cele low on the back of his head. If you would like to visit his site is

  15. I just found your blog through a link on a another blog. Would you mind if I put a link on my blog?

  16. Stylist here.....while pregnant I colored and highlight A LOT of hair and even had my hair colored. And my baby is completely legs sticking out of her head or anything!