Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh my beloved Blogland

Can you do me a favour?

You're pretty good at following through.

I don't know exactly how many of you still visit every day, but I know there's a fair few.

Can you do me a favour?

Can you please go to this link?

That's Christina, over at Taylor Family Adventures, and she's the one who just had Levi.

She's needing a bit of pick-me-up, and since you lovely Bloglanders are so good at pick-me-up, would you leave her a hi-hello-congrats-on-Levi type message?

Coz you're awesome like that.

And Christina, if Bryce reads this to you, it a roundabout way it was his idea. Well, he did say "hint, hint". I think he meant an email from me, but I'll do that, and a few better too!


  1. Hi Susie!
    I haven't left a message in quite a long time...probably before I had my own blog. I enjoy reading your blog everyday! You have an amazing family! I left a message for Christina too...a beautiful new boy he is!
    God bless!

  2. Absolutely! Done! And what a cute little bundle he is =)

  3. Done :)

    He's a cutie.

    I found you thru a blog search (I'm sure you've seen me visit before) but I pray for you and your family daily!

  4. I read your blog every day, and I left a message on Christina's now.

    I feel as if I truly know you and I pray for your family daily.

    Karen in TN

  5. Awww, it's a pleasure to welcome a beautiful baby boy!

    I'm still reading as long as you keep blogging!

  6. I lost you! after my last message, i lost the link to your blog....I've found you now and must say that in "catching up" I cried several times.....Have I said that you are amazing??? you are. I can't concieve of what you have been amaze me...I'm speechless.

  7. Done and delurking here too. Babies are so special!

  8. Hi, I'm still reading too! love your blogs and have enjoyed your pics of your beautiful children! Barb from Melb. Aust ps how cute is Levi, i left a message and well wishes for them ;0) Barb

  9. Hi not sure if you know as they have not blogged for sometime but just in case .......Elijah Nathaniel Douglas was born on July 9, 2008, at 2:11 a.m. He is 19 1/2 inches long and weighs 7 lbs. He is doing fine.
    Posted by Steve & Marie Douglas at 8:33 AM

    ~Barb in Melb. (I dont know Steve and Marie but i found their blog through you! )

  10. I'm still reading (although you don't know me). I haven't messaged you in a while, so thought I would.

    I wish we lived closer - I think we could be good friends!


  11. you r 2 nice my friend, typing w/ 1 hand @ the moment, CANT wait to write u a reallll email, lov you!!!!

  12. Not sure if I have commented before or not, but after your comment about wondering who still are on my bloglines and I read every single post from you! I also left a message for Levi's mom. He sure is a cutie!
    St. Louis, MO--Melissa