Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Made his debut this morning - very early at 2:11am. Marie was having complications (I guess they decided she could have him naturally) so at the last minute he was born via c-section. And - he's doing FINE! 7lbs! What a miracle!

His encephalocele's supposed to be the same size as Joshua's - so the fact that he's doing well is a testament to the faithfulness of God.

My week just keeps getting better and better!

Joshua's 6 month birthday
Levi's birth
Our 3rd anniversary
Elijah's birth

What's gonna make this better?

Keep an eye on their family to see how Elijah's doing!


  1. Hi Susie,

    Isn't it wonderful news about Elijah?
    You more than anyone else in this world knows what a miracle this is for Steve and Marie. I am praying for precious time like Joshua blessed you with. Happy 6 month birthday to sweet Joshua, I miss him! I know you do too each and every day. And happy anniversary to you and Matt. Before you know it, you will be celebrating your 40th like my honey and I will be doing this August. I am praying your week keeps blessing you my friend.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  2. I have been following Elijah's blog for a while, Have you talked to them or are you just going off of the blog? I want more information? What do they mean by he is doing fine? Fine, like he doesn't have his encephalocele at all and it is a miracle, or fine as in he is hanging in there and may live a while. I want to know more! I am praying as always for their family.