Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have to admit that the list from yesterday was a bit over-zealous. But oh well. Somedays you have to set the goal much higher than you ever expect to get. But I accomplished some of it. Haha.
We did look for a car. And I've come to the conclusion that I don't care. I'm to the point that as long as Matt comes home with A) a car B) within our price range C) that is a smaller engine and cheap on gas D) in good shape E) and looks 'cool enough' for Matt - I'm happy. But Matt doesn't know much about cars. I've never bought a car myself. My dad bought my first car - it was his, and then I got to use it, since he was in NZ and I was in the US. The second car was purchased two weeks before our wedding because mine died a horrendous death - while Dad was driving it through Pennsylvania. He bought a car, drove it to me - much to my horror (it was a 80s cop car/Nana design... *ew*). Matt's first car was his sister's hand-me-down, and his second was purchased with his dad - same car/different year to the car his mom already had (If you know what works, why rock the boat???). He did buy his own motorcycle right after high school, but that's no help with buying a car. Matt's afraid he'll buy something crappy, and we'll end up losing our money. Normally Matt would go with my dad to buy a car. But in this case, my dad's on the ship until August. So Matt's sort of hemming and hawing about what to do. And I think he wants my help. But - well, I'm good at sewing - when it comes to cars I can change a tire, the oil, and fill it with gas. Beyond that, let's call the hubby or the dad - please. Am I alone in this? I've learned a bit in the last few weeks, but it's all what I've learned from Matt, so.... goodness.... I don't know that I'm any help to him. I just hope we find something soon. I want this over with.

In other news. Ok - so Ruel Foundation - on the side bar? We connected with them to have a memorial fund in Joshua's name. And from what I understand there's been something like $2000 given in Joshua's name. I haven't heard yet what children's surgeries it helped. I'll definitely post about it when I can. But since our friend Johnny G (Joanne's husband, the girl from last weekend's baby shower) works there he got really invested in Joshua's story. He decided to write a story about Joshua and send it to a magazine here in NZ and see if they would run it. Once he had done that, and they said they would (we haven't heard back, but they'll probably call us for another interview), Johnny sent Joshua's story as a press release. And the local (fairly large) paper picked it up. [!] So we got a call on Friday about having someone come interview us. I said ok - and they're bringing a photographer. On Monday. Which means they may run it as early as Tuesday or Wednesday. I wouldn't be so amazed, except that in the past we've had Marine Reach covered in similar fashion, and it's a HALF PAGE article, in a big paper. So...uh.... Let's just say I'll be showering and using makeup on Monday...
I'll definitely post a picture of the paper when I see it. But, wow. Joshua's story is continuing on - and he's been gone for 2 1/2 months already. It's crAzy.
Anyways, church this morning, so I had better get going.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. That's just wonderful. Your little boy has touched so many lives and will keep on inspring people.

    Just a few days ago I got a call from my pastor - just calling me to catch up on things. He told me they had a prayer group that night at church and one of the memebers reminded everyone that our son's first birthday had just passed. He said many prayers of thanks were said for him. One prayers in particular he thought was interesting - a woman thanked God for all of the people who have been able to share our son's story and be touched and inspired by him. I thought that was so sweet.

    So, I'll pray the same for you.

  2. How amazing about Joshua's story! God is continuing to use him! I'll be praying for you guys that the interview goes really well and that even more people are touched by your story!

  3. Two and a half months already...Wow! We were at the Logans and the subject of Joshua came up as there were new people in our midst that did not know. I still cannot share the story without tears. I try, but they just come and I feel...I don't know what I feel, but the pain is everpresent. I wonder when it will start to subside. It is really a beautiful story and the tears are really mixed feelings of sorrow and awe of God's love for us in the midst of it all. I'm so glad you have this opportunity to tell Joshua's story. I can't wait for the article. Love you, sweetie.

  4. OK so this may be a stupid question, but do you buy the same makes/models in NZ as you do here in the US? If so, I highly recommend a Toyota Corolla. They are on the cheaper end as far as cars go, but their reliability is unbeatable. They are also great on gas. If you are looking for a used car, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a used Corolla, as they can go as high as 200-300,000 miles and still be running smooth. In case you can't tell, I <3 my Corolla!

    Good luck!

  5. Wish I could be there, I kind of enjoy car shopping. Mostly because I enjoy shocking the pants off the sales people that this mama of three knows about cars (thank you, Daddy). I hope that you can find someone to help.

    Back on the topic of schedules, here's mine:

    Sometime in the morning I wake up. This is nearly always because a child starts making enough noise to wake me. I lay there while I decide what order I will do things: get kids up, make breakfast, get me dressed, get them dressed. With the exception of breakfast sometimes these things get done before lunch, sometimes not. Lunch always happens in a timely manner because I have a daughter who never forgets to eat (so much like her mum). The kids usually have time to play a little while before they nap. On very good days they all nap at once. We'll not talk about the not so good days. Naptime is usually me time. I need to get better at using it as a quiet time and not online time (my name is Julie and I have an internet addiction). Cleaning happens when I get to it, needless to say, as much as I love it when things are clean, it doesn't bug me too much when things aren't. I get the kids up when they wake up and hope that the difference between them getting up and daddy coming home is short. When daddy gets home it's time for appointments or errands and then dinner. Daddy does bathtime on those nights and we get them to bed around 7:30. This makes me sound like a total slacker but it works for me and my house is actually pretty clean. :)

    p.s. check out if you haven't already

  6. Oh Susie, God reminded me in this morning's worship service of the scripture your dad read at Joshua's funeral, Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations". How wonderful to see it's fulfillment.He still has opportunity to touch so many lives. I am so proud of this grandson and what he's doing for the Kingdom.