Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ode to my day

Thursday. You suck.

That's right my dear working day,
My one day of fulltime.
I hope you rot.

For this such day, you have managed
To ruin my confidence
And shorten my temper

Oh you Thursday - hours of glitch
With computers unresponsive
And DVD writers that don't write.

Bad bleed marks, wrong format
Need the open file, not this one.
Please drop it by. Again.

Mailbox failure. Yes, again.
What's your email? Oh, wrong one.
Who needs to talk to Coastlands? Or Coastlines?

Fax information not enough,
Email back. What about this?
What else to do? Print. No! Cancel print!

Sore stomach. Cold day.
I want a bigger coffee, comfy slippers
Send me home. I want out.

Tomorrow's Friday. At least Friday, is not Thursday.
Coz I need another 6 days before I see Thursday again.
Now hand me the coffee and no one gets hurt.


  1. *shrieking laughter!!*
    You, my dear, are FUNNY. *grin*

  2. Hope you have a better Friday!

  3. haha, ok Susie, veryyy funny.. lol...

  4. LOVE THIS! I laughed so hard, that's how I feel! Thursdays are my only full day at the office, and that pretty much sums up a lot of them! Coffee does help though, if you have a bottomless mug all morning! Haha, you're the best!

  5. Oh dear, the one good things about bad days, they are over in a matter of hours! Hopefully the rest go better!

  6. Very good stuff! My whole week has been like that, only instead off office malfunctions it's been home and child malfunctions.

    TGIF! (tomorrow)

  7. Hi Susie! I can't remember when I started reading your blog but I really love it and "Ode to my Day" was so hilarious, I LOL--every time I read it!!

    I'm old enough to be your mother but I really enjoy your posts and photos. Oceana is adorable as is Joshua. I wept as I read his story. You and Matt are strong and courageous because of your faith. You have blessed so many people by sharing your story.

    You are an awesome young lady; keep making this "older lady" smile!~karen (Wisconsin, USA)

  8. Talk about CLEVER!!!! You are good! I sure hope Friday was much better to you than Thursday was....

    Thanks for stopping by to play POW!