Sunday, June 29, 2008

In a conversation to Havalah:

"It's the constant battle for women! I feel totally unproductive, I don't accomplish anything, I'm not good enough, I'm not capable. How would I do it if I had another child? I can't even make it through the day with one kid without losing it nineteen times a day! How do these women with twelve kids do it without losing it? Oh, that's right, they hide in closets and eat ho-hos."

All in one breath. After saying dramatically, "Oh Havalah, what am I going to do with my life?" Havalah only laughed at me.

I replied, "When it doubt? Blog about it."

And then I did.


  1. She is a wise, wise woman. :)

  2. "When in doubt, blog it" Love that saying! I might have to use that. I am new to the blogging world, and somehow, through many links, I came across your site and was inspired by your story. So just wanted to say thanks for blogging, and sharing your stories with us!

  3. So I found a dress! My blog explains the process. Thanks for your advice!!! I'm doing short black dresses for my girls NOT from David's, too expensive. Also I'm borrowing a slip from someone and a veil and headband crown! So I'm just paying the cost of the dress pretty much ($449...I'll send you a link soon!) and the embroidery at the bottom is PERFECT for me to hem, it's high enough that it won't be cut off! My seamstress is a former DB seamstress who works out of her home now and she is amazing and CHEAP. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll have more to ask!

  4. I am a Mother of Three. I have a Blog. See you figured it out already after 2 kids. I didn't get it until #3.

  5. love it! :)

    It is a dang hard job huh?