Sunday, June 29, 2008


Wanna know?

one pair of socks
one pair of ugg boot slippers
one pair of leggings
one pair of jeans
one tank top
one long sleeve shirt
one long sleeve shirt with a hood
one sweatshirt
one cup of coffee

and wear the heck did i leave my scarf?

i need more coffee.

the airport temps say its been 39 (dew point) and 44 Farenheit. (4 and 7 Celcius).

i don't appreciate houses without duct heating.

as i read blogs this morning i put one arm inside my sweatshirt and the other hand felt like a block of ice. a smart person would have stopped reading and put both hand inside. but i'm not a smart person, i'm an addicted blogger just like you are.

PS. (I'm starting to love these PSs) Does anyone know how to write scratched out words on here? Coz I love reading those, but can't sort it out myself.


  1. I have been reading this blog for awhile and praying for you and just now decided to comment!
    You sound like me! OUr house is FREEZING IN THE WINTER so, our family has the whole layer thing down to a science...isn't it amazing that the more layers you have the less you can move but you can still be cold? Hehe :p
    BTW, I love your photos! YOu have kinda inspired me to become a better photographer! :)

  2. Ok, so how DO you do the scratched out words? lol All the cool bloggers seem to be using them. (hee-hee)

  3. I'm with do you do that??

  4. yes! please share the recipe for scratched out writing!

  5. Cry me a river lady! LOL!...just is just summer here in Ontario and I am enjoying every are just hitting winter...which means you have just come off summer...CRY ME A RIVER!


    Here are some warm, sunny Ontario vibes for you! ~~~~~~~~~WARM~~~~~~~~~