Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adiana Grace

Found another story...

Adiana Grace has an occipital encephalocele (although it's much lower than Joshua, and contains her entire cerebellum and part of her cerebrum and brain stem) as well as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Essentially this means: The doctors can't fix her and she's home with her family, under hospice care.

Visit them, check out those beautiful chubby cheeks, keep them in your hearts.


  1. Thanks you for letting us know about Adiana. She is just beautiful. I couldn't find a place to leave her family a message so hopefuly they will read this and know that their beautiful baby is in our prayers.

  2. Susie! That would be great! She's staying at her mom's but you can send it to me (Cindy Reyes) at 8885 S. Milton Parlier, California 93648. Yeseturday she went to the Dr. and her blood pressure was a little high. But she didn't have protein in her urine so they are just going to monitor her every Tues. and the Dr. told her don't be surprised if on one of those visits I will just keep you here to have him. He weighs about 6lbs already and looks chubby! So they told her to prepare herself mentally. Oh, as you know that is a hard thing to do. She is going through so much right now. With Elijah, and her husband not working very much hours and them not having their own place is hard! She doesn't have a phone either and that makes it worse. At times she borrows her mom's or sister's but that is just for minutes at a time. I'm trying to visit her more often and just be there.Oh and not to mention her not having internet acces at home, that also is a bummer. But I know that God is faithful and her strength He will see her through! We had a shower for her last Sat. it was nice to see that people care. Oh, I was looking at your comment on that other baby that has the same condidtion. But unfortunatley it's blocked here at work! I so wanted to read it! How many days has she been alive? i so pray that Marie gets to bring Elijah home. That is her major prayer request. Please do me a favor and share with your readers where marie is at in her pregnancy and how she needs them to cotinue to pray that every thing work out, oh also I forgot to tell you! The Doctor said her cervix is not softening, it's hard like when you are 5months pregnant! And I the Doctor said it is going to be a hard labor! We need to pray that it isn't. That her cervix will open like it should. Thanks for listening and thank you so much for the beenie! It will touch her heart and cheer her up so.....much! God Bless