Monday, May 12, 2008

You thought you could get away from it!

First off all: A HUGE thank you to Bloglander Nicci B who so generously [and quickly!] sent a gift to help me get a hairdryer and diffuser. So, since a few curly-haired girls out there were wondering - this is what diffused hair looks like. The curls don't change - just the texture, the longevity, and the frizziness. Which.... are all the issues.... so thank God!

Basically my hair is crunchy, little curls, they look wet all day from the amount of gel and hairspray I use to keep them controlled, and by midday I'm annoyed because it's all frizzy and looking fuzzy on the ends. I usually tie my hair up about noon. But yesteray - the first day that I was able to give my hair the attention it deserved (tried it Saturday, but had only 2 minutes because I was late). I'm amazed how easy it was. I thought there'd be some sort of technique to it. But I looked it up online, and that's about it. Just gentle scrunch the hair like normal with lots of gel, then scrunch it up in a "ball" and put it into the diffuser head. Run it on cool and hold the whole thing against your head (looks like you're radar-ing you head!). Took less than 10 minutes wtih the geling, scrunching, drying, and straighting! I have pretty fine hair, so it doesn't take long to dry though.

Usually all my hair looks like those little curls on the right side, but I got a ton of those big chunky (curling-iron-barrel-looking) curls! And I LOOOOOVE them. These pictures are taken AFTER church! Like 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I did do my best to keep my cotton-picking-fingers off of them though. Coz we all know what fingers do to hair..... Frizzy frizzy frizzy!

You can diffuse away from your face - so instead of fussing with pushing your hair back all day - you can see the hair's sort of pushed back from my face - and it was dried there. Oh, and to be sure - SPRAY THE WHOLE THING DOWN WHEN YOU'RE DONE! Hairspray never hurt anybody!

More chunky curls. I'm drooling....

Ah yes.... now, I wonder if I can duplicate that tomorrow....
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  1. Wow, those curls are gorgeous! You have my straight, always-in-a-ponytail hair salivating!!

  2. Did you do all of your own photo's? If you did... you are getting darn good at it. I have tried to do self-photo's and it's not easy. Love the curls! toodles, Sheila, NV

  3. You know the little happy dance that Snoopy does? I'm doing that right now cause I'm so happy that the diffuser worked for you! Your curls are FABULOUS! Yahoo for simple technology!

    Nicci B.

  4. Looks beautiful Susie! I'm glad you are loving the diffuser - and how nice that it's a quick process! Mine.... takes fooorever because my hair is super thick. Although it may not be so thick for long - I am in that stage of having my hair fall out after having a baby. There is bright red hair EVERYWHERE :)